Tony's Chocolonely Review

Right now, slaves are working on cocoa farms in West Africa.
Many of them are children. Tony’s Chocolonely exists to change that.
Our vision is 100% slave free chocolate.
Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide.

With incredibly tasty chocolate we lead by example and show the world chocolate can be made differently: in taste, packaging and the way we treat cocoa farmers.
Alone we make slave free chocolate, together we make all chocolate 100% slave free. So we ask you to join in. The more people choose slave free and share our story, the sooner 100% slave free becomes the norm in chocolate.
The choice is yours. Are you in?
Almost 11 years ago the Dutch investigative reporter Teun (Tony) van de Keuken launched an investigation about the use of slavery within the cocoa industry on his consumer report show Keuringsdienst van Waarde. He was literally shocked to discover that most of the chocolate on supermarket shelves was harvested by slaves—worse, by child slaves. He decided to do something about it. He first approached some of the world’s largest chocolate makers, but they completely ignored him.
So he decided to roll up his sleeves and do it himself. He ate a couple of chocolate bars and then turned himself in to the authorities as a chocolate criminal. By eating chocolate, he was complicit in slavery. But the public prosecutor wouldn’t prosecute him. Teun didn’t give up and went looking for witnesses; victims of chocolate consumption. He found 4 boys who had worked as slaves on a cocoa farm in Ivory Coast. They provided evidence against Teun and the 2,136 other chocolate consumers who in the meantime had joined Teun in his stride. On November 29th 2005, still awaiting the judge’s decision, Teun decided to lead by example and make 5,000 Fairtrade chocolate bars. Tony’s Chocolonely was born.
I have eaten a ton of chocolate in my life and my eyes have been completely closed to the facts. I had never considered where my chocolate came from or who was behind the creation of it.  Now that I have discovered Tony's Chocolonely I have my eyes wide open to what I had been supporting in the past.  Now that I am aware of the fact that big companies are keeping children enslaved and away from their families I can't go back to feeding that beast by purchasing those products.
Tony's Chocolonely has seven incredibly delicious kinds of chocolate bars.
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Extra Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Caramel Sea Salt
  • Dark Almond Sea Salt
  • Dark Pecan Coconut
  • Dark Coffee Crunch
  • Dark Cherry Meringue
Tony's Cocolonely has the perfect variety of scrumptious chocolate bars. My mans favorite is the Milk Caramel Sea Salt. In fact I think I was only able to get two little pieces of it before it disappeared off into his office never to be seen again. HAHAHAHA!  Of course this forced me to try all of the other bars that were left with me.  I keep them in a safe spot right next to my bed so sticky fingers can't get a hold of them.
My personal favorite is the Dark Coffee Crunch. It has a deep rich chocolate flavor with crunchy bits of coffee. It is pure heaven, the perfect blend. It is not too weak and at the same time it's not overwhelming. I also love the size of the tiny bits of coffee. They are not huge bitter chunks like some other brands I have had. They are delicate, crispy, crunchy, tiny little pieces and add a beautiful splash of coffee flavor.
I love the fun shapes of Tony's Chocolonely bars.  These odd chunks allow me to snip off either a tiny piece or a bigger piece.  It gives me variety. Nobody has predecided for me what size my square will be....that is so boring. Break through the norm, break the cycle and break the chains that hold children slaves. Be different, be free, and set them free buy supporting Tony's Chocolonely. Take a stand. Let's join the fight against slavery in the making of our sweet chocolates. Fell good about what you eat.

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