Frywall Smarter Splatter Protection Review

Frywall keeps the sizzle in the pan and the mess off your stovetop. No more greasy, sticky mess when you cook. No more useless splatter screens.
Bacon to fried chicken, latkes to tofu steak, Frywall keeps it clean.
Frywall is byfar my favorite kitchen gadget ever. I make a lot of foods that splatter but hate cleaning up the mess, I have for years used a screen to catch splatter but each time I go to flip or stir what I am cooking I have to lift that off allowing the splatter and grease to go everywhere. I felt like I was making just as much of a mess if I would of just used nothing at all. 
Now I can cook anything I want and not make a mess. 
Frywall is a must in any kitchen. 
No more grease or food splatter. 
With Frywall you have
Frywall is open at the top, so you can always see your food, add ingredients, or give a stir.

Frywall will allow
Frywall lets vapors escape freely. This prevents condensation, promotes proper searing, and minimizes splatter.

Frywall has

Frywall rolls into a compact sleeve for easy storage.
Frywall washes easily by hand or in the dishwasher. It doesn't accumulate sticky oil deposits or get clogged like screens do.

Frywall comes in 2 sizes and 4 different colors. 
10" and 12"
Red    Green    Black    Orange
Frywall 10 - fits pans with inside rim diameters of 9.5" - 10.25" (24cm - 26cm).

Frywall 12 - fits pans with inside rim diameters of 11.5" - 12.25” (29cm - 31cm).

I received the Orange Frywall pictured up above. It works perfect in my cast iron skillet and wok (pictured) Honestly love this thing. It's the best kitchen gadget ever. Wish I would of known about Frywall years ago. Just think of all the less mess I would of had to clean up. My kitchen is all new and I promised myself from day one of the remodel I was never going to cook anything that was messy. Of course that didn't happen. Everything is messy that I cook. I just wish I had Frywall on day one. My kitchen would of thanked me.