Bluapple VeggieZips Produce Storage Bags                       Review & 3 Winner Giveaway

VeggieZips solves the problem of vegetables needing humidity levels maintained while allowing for harmful ethylene gas to escape and fresh air into the bag.  The produce bag has U-Vent™ holes throughout the bag; fresh air goes in, ethylene gas goes out!  And, by using a damp HydroLiner™ with produce that needs to stay moist, a humid environment is created. However, not all produce needs high humidity levels, they can still dry out faster if left outside of a bag.  For instance, using a VeggieZips bag with a dry HydroLiner for strawberries, allows for moisture to be absorbed from the berries, but at the same time, they aren’t being dried out
with the circulated air from the refrigerator. 

Specially Designed Storage Bags Keep Produce Fresh Longer
I've been using Bluapple "blue apples" in my fridges produce drawers for many years now and love them. I even have a reminder email sent to me to tell me when to change my activated carbon out.
So, when I was asked to review the VeggieZips Produce Storage Bags with Hydro Liners
I was excited to give them a try. 
Of course, just like the original Bluapple product, these work great. 
My lettuce lasted double the amount of time then it normally would have.

For only $9.99 you get 22 bags plus 22 liners. 
Easy to use and even re-useable, just wash and let dry.
The liner will add moisture when needed. It works great with lettuce to keep it nice and crisp. 
In the above picture was lettuce from a bag already cut up. Usually this lettuce mix goes bad in 2-3 days of bringing it home, with using hte VeggieZips bag I was able to prolong the life to 6 days. Usually this salad mix doesn't last that long in my home but I wanted to use the bag to see how well it really worked. 
I was very impressed with this product, this is for sure something I would buy and continue to use in my kitchen. 
Produce isn't cheap, but it sure doesn't last that long. Now I have double security in my fridge, Bluapple has really come to the resuce to help keep produce fresh longer. 

The best way to store produce
Specially designed U-Vent™ technology control humidity while the HydroLiner™ controls moisture.
The patent pending HydroVent™ Freshness System has U-Vent™ doors that open and close to support active plant respiration, to allow balanced humidity and to permit harmful ethylene gas (C2H4) to escape. HydroLiner™ humidity managment pads may be used damp to help keep leafy greens hydrated, or may be used dry to absorb condensation when storing cauliflower and spinach, for example.
Effectively extends produce life!
Unique U-Vent™ Technology lets produce breathe by allowing air in and ethylene gas to escape.
The HydroLiner™ absorbs moisture and condensation when needed. Dampen to add moisture and hydration as needed. Use bags as a strainer to wash and drain in sink. Reusable bags! Wash with soapy warm water, rinse and let dry.
The perfect combination
Using a Bluapple® can extend the life of your produce up to 3X longer! Use with NEW! VeggieZips™ with HydroLiners™ to help maintain humidity levels for individual produce. Order both products today.
to learn how to store over 200 types of produce.