Goddess of Gadgets ~ Bump it Off


BUMP IT OFF is truly THE KILLER CLEANER.... when I first received these silicone sleeves I didn't think they would do much of anything. I was very wrong. I now use the daily. From brushing my dogs, blue BUMP IT OFF to washing my body, green BUMP IT OFF. It cleans under figernails too. 
These are perfect everything cleaning tools. 


Bump It Off is a reusable silicone sleeve that fits on your hand in multiple positions, enabling you to concentrate scrubbing power in the palm of your hand or on your fingertips. With gentle silicone bristles on one side and smooth bumps on the other, Bump it Off has endless cleaning applications in every room of your home!


No matter what BUMP IT OFF you buy PURPLE, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN they are all the same. One side has large bumps the other has small. $9.99 for one or $39.99for a set of 4 (one of each color)
Laundry — Use with laundry liquid or stain remover to loosen and lift stains. Gentle on fabrics!

Kitchen — Safely scrub dishes, pots and pans without scratching. Won’t mildew like kitchen sponges!

Pet — Groom pets, and lift pet hair off upholstered furniture like magic!

Body — Cleans, massages and exfoliates in the shower or bath, and kids love it too!

Easy to clean, just put it in the dishwasher, top shelf if need be. I just wash mine from time to time in the sink with some dishsoap. I scrub it in my hands and let air dry. 
Made from 100% Silicone. Doesn't smell odd or become sticky. Just a colorful piece of silicone that works great to do just about everything around your house including cleaning your skin. 
Resists stains and odors, I have been using my BUMP IT OFF's for a little over a month and this statement is 100% true. I have had no issues with odors or stains. I even used it to brush my cat out after he rolled in something stinky in the yard, I had to get his fur brushed before we gave him a bath, he was a mess, I figured the BUMP IT OFF would smell like yucky dirty cat forever, I was wrong, I just washed it in the sink, let it dry and it was back to brand new. 
Truly an awesome product. 
A must in every household.