All Terrain Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent Sticks Review & Giveaway


All Terrain sells safe, effective products to help people live more active, healthier lives. All Terrain’s products try to disprove the myth that if the products contain natural-based ingredients, it can’t work as well as chemical-based products. The products are developed by and for outdoor enthusiasts for use whether trekking in the backcountry or relaxing with family in your backyard.  In addition to wanting people to live healthier lives, the company is based on caring and a desire to protect the environment.
Safe, DEET-Free Insect Repellent Sticks
All Terrain Natural Insect Repellent Sticks are the perfect product to have around for backyard BBQs and all your camping trips. These super cool sticks will keep the biting bug away as well as keep your family safe from nasty chemicals.

My family and I are always getting bit by mosquitoes and it absolutely drives me crazy. They are sooo aggressive they even bite me through my clothes.  I get the hugest most gigantic welts that itch like there's no tomorrow. The kids suffer even more than I do and scratch the bites until they bleed. It is terrible. 

The All Terrain Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent Sticks are a lifesaver and they are so simple to use.

The package contains 10 sticks so there are plenty for a camping trip. Everything you need is right in the pack. Just take the metal holder from the packaging and angle the prong to just under 90 degrees. use a match or lighter to light the end of the stick. Once the flame catches let the edge burn until they turn white then blow out the flame. The 



stick will start producing smoke. The smoke will detract all the bugs. I like to place a stick on the picnic tables at the camp grounds. I also keep one on the table outside during ourBBQs so the bugs don't bother us while we are eating. Each stick lasts for about an hour once it's lit. You can use as many as you feel needed depending on the size of the space you are trying to protect. 

These sticks are completely made of natural ingredients including lemongrass, citronella, rosemary, thyme and geranium oil. 

These have also been amazing when I'm working out in my garden. I just place a few of them in safe areas of my garden, like on bricks, little tables and stones. They keeps the bugs from bothering me while in pruning and harvesting my veggies. Now that I've used them I really don't know how I have managed without them. All Terrain Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent Sticks have been keeping me and my family bug bite free and itch free.

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