All Terrain Pet Paw & Skin Soother and Pet Odor Shampoo Review & Giveaway


All Terrain sells safe, effective products to help people live more active, healthier lives. All Terrain’s products try to disprove the myth that if the products contain natural-based ingredients, it can’t work as well as chemical-based products. The products are developed by and for outdoor enthusiasts for use whether trekking in the backcountry or relaxing with family in your backyard.  In addition to wanting people to live healthier lives, the company is based on caring and a desire to protect the environment.

I have an entire circus of animals in my home so I am always looking for pet products that are effective and safe for my little fur babies. All Terrain has provided me with the best of both worlds. There line of pet products covers pretty much all of my fur friends needs.
The Paw & Skin Soother is such a great product. Now that I have discovered it I don't think I can live without it. It has so many useful purposes. Two of which have been issues in my home on multiple occasions. I have one older dog in particular that gets super itchy. It comes and goes depending on the weather and depending on the medication she takes. There are times when she itches her little booty so much that she chews the fur off and gets hot spots. It is so hard to watch her suffer from this and I always look for solutions. The tough part is finding something that will help her suffering but at the same time it can't be toxic because of course.....she will reach around and lick it or chew it. 

All Terrain Paw & Skin Soother helps naturally relieve dry, irritated skin. I apply this to my doggies itchy spot as soon as I see it begin to bother her. It works wonders, it moistens and conditions her skin and gets rid of the bothersome itch. 
All four of my dogs also get cracked paw pads from going on walks, hikes and even just playing around on the concrete. This All Terrain Paw Soother helps to condition their little paws and prevents the cracks from spreading and hurting more. I have been using this on the regular and my pups just roll over and enjoy getting their feeties massaged while I work it into the pads. 

Max was a little unsure about his first bath but he is much more comfortable, fluffy and clean now. This All Terrain Odor Shampoo gets super sudsy so a little goes a long way. Since I do have so many dogs and give so many bathes I can't stand the shampoos that
 don't soap up. I don't want to pay to use half a bottle for one bath. All Terrain shampoo comes in a good sized, 16oz bottle and I don't need to use too much. This bottle will actually last me a while.
All Terrian also has an amazing Odor Shampoo for dogs. I have a whole pack of dogs in my home and so bath time is not stop. I really put this shampoo to the test last week when I adopted the newest member of our family. His name is Max and he is 10 years old. When we first took him in he was sooooo stinky. Every time I pet him I needed to go wash my hands. Ugh it was terrible, he smelled so bad. I eagerly took him home and got him ready for his bath.  The second I got him all soapy he smelled so much better. This doggy shampoo smells amazing. It does not have any harsh medicine smell or yucky scent. It truly smells fresh, clean and good. 


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