BULLIBONE Spin-a-Bone Review


In a world full of fidget spinners, there is no doubt your pooch is feeling left out. Bullibone is meeting that need and a whole lot more with with the Bullibone Spin-A-Bone If your dog likes to chase and hunt, it will go nuts over this toy. 
Even my cats liked it.
I know not the best pictures but as you can see all 4 of our pets were interested in the Spin-a-Bone. 
The Spin-a-Bone is made from a super tough nylon material that is safe for dogs to chew on. Since it's hard your dog won't or shouldn't destroy it in one day. My dogs are small, but still enjoyed this spinning bones. They nudge it on the floor making it move around, and chew on it from time to time. Even the cats were having fun. Katy our older black cat pictured on the left kept hitting it with her pawn, actually spinning it around the most. She still walks up to it and makes it spin when she notices it on the floor. 
The Spin-a-Bone has a bacon scent, since it's made with real bacon

 and the same safe nylon as the original Bullibone, chewing Spin-a-bone reduces tartar and plaque to freshen your dog’s breath by maintaining healthier gums, an important component of good canine dental hygiene.

Simply place the bone on a flat surface and give it a whirl! The spinning action triggers a dog’s natural hunting and chasing instincts and makes them feel rewarded once the bone is caught. Spina-Bone is designed to fit most dogs.

Bullibone is a socially responsible small business that produces quality long-lasting nylon dog chews. Our primary initiative is to create products that promote good hygiene, good mental and physical health and an overall better quality of life for pets.
MISSIONMaking dogs happy with healthy habits.