Delfogo Rx Neck & Chest V-Covery Cream Review


I have done a few different reviews on Delfogo Rx products, but I have to say V-Covery is by far my favorite product so far. I love the results i'm seeing and my chest and neck look great. After just a week's worth of twice a day use I see a big difference. My age spots and sunspots seem to be going away & my skin looks and feels tighter. 


Discover How To Get A Firmer, Younger-Looking Neck & Chest!

This product is so easy to use, just rub a small amount on in a upward motion morning and night, after washing your face and neck. Non greasy, rubs in fast and doesn't have a scent. You won't even know it's there, but you will start seeing results within days. 
For most people the neck and top of the chest are the first places to start showing the dreaded signs of aging. 
But that doesn’t mean you should just accept it! 
In fact, thanks to our new Neck & Chest V-Covery Cream you can have a firmer, younger-looking neck and chest in no time. 
Here’s why: 
This fast-acting cream smoothes and lifts the neck while also healing the sun-damaged chest area. 
The end result? 
Your skin quickly looks tighter and younger.
When it comes to displaying the signs of aging, which include wrinkles and sun spots, the skin on the neck and chest is different than the skin on the face. 
The biggest difference is that the skin on the neck is lying on a very fibrous fascia like a bed sheet, which means it can wrinkle very fast and very easily. 
In addition to neck skin wrinkling faster than skin on other parts of the body, the skin on the top of the chest is also very sensitive to sun damage, which can result in both wrinkling and hyperpigmentation. 
So in response to this one-two aging punch of neck wrinkles and sun-damaged skin on the chest, DelfogoRx scientists have formulated a distinct and powerful peptide-based solution that is particularly designed to protect and enhance the vital neck and decollete area from the inevitable signs of aging. 
The Neck & Chest V-Covery Cream is formulated with a high concentration of anti-aging peptides that include Matrixyl 3000, Serilesine and Relistase. 
But Neck & Chest V-Covery Cream is much more than a simple neck cream as it works as a complete system from the chin down to the chest. 
This cream is scientifically designed to provide an instant lift by dramatically firming the loose neck area while at the same time providing long-term wrinkle and age spot removal.
Dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Protect against future signs of aging
Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin
Revitalize tired, dull skin
Make your skin much smoother as well as improve its firmness and elasticity
Eliminate age spots and other discolorations
Don't just take my word, order now and see for yourself. 
The older we all get the more signs of aging me have. 

Especially if you've been out in the sun a lot. 
My chest started the age the most. This product is changing that for me. I am so impressed with the so-far results and can't wait to see what continues to happen to my skin with on-going use. Delfogo Rx sells some wonderful products but this is my favorite. 

Neck & Chest V-Covery Cream.