UPSTEP Custom Orthotics Review & Follow up on my previous review

In my previous UPSTEP post I stated that I didn't like how you can't get your UPSTEP shoe inserts wet. UPSTEP was nice enough to send me another pair, that can get wet. I love them. I wear them in my shoes daily and yes they get wet and yes they dry fast. They are super comfortable and make my feet non sore after being on them for hours.
The best part... second best actually since I really like that I can still use these when my shoes are wet and wit me that's daily.... I can switch these to other shoes. 
So now I can choose daily if I want my slip on tennis shoes or my lace up tennis shoes.  
 Upstep Custom Orthotics are  truly custom.

They were able to make an orthotic using a specially patented material known as secolino.  This technology absorbs and eliminates moisture. It was a great addition to my tennis shoes. For those of you that don't know me. I own a house cleaning business. I get my shoes wet almost daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. When I clean showers it's hard to not get them wet. But I am not about to not use my UPSTEPS. They save me from being on my feet all day long. These orthotics are perfect to help alleviate pain and discomfort. 

Plus they are transferable between shoes. They are 3/4 length orthotic that give you greater flexibility to switch between your flats, sneakers and sandals or between your low heels, boots (w/low heels) and athletic shoes.

So to retract what I said last time about not liking that you can't get your orthotics wet or use in other shoes, you have to just ask... UPSTEP are truly custom.  
I love UPSTEP orthotics. 
They have saved my feet day after day. 
So comfortable, if you are on your feet a lot this is a must.
How Upstep Works
Each of our orthotics is unique as every foot is unique.
Here is our simple process for making your custom orthotics:
Upstep’s Benefits
An orthotic is only as good as its fit. We make orthotics of the absolute highest quality
that support and protect your foot.
All you feel is comfort.
UPSTEP Guarantee
When we use the word custom, we mean it. The individual nature of both your foot and your lifestyle means that you should feel confident in both our products and support package:
60 day money back guarantee
Plastic shells guarantee against breakage for 12 months
Specially designed exercises to improve your feet's condition
Support from our team is available weekdays, 9am - 6pm, Friday till 2:30 pm (PST)