Holiday Gift Giving Ideas ~ Green Chef plus 4 FREE meals offer



I paid for my Green Chef box, it was something I was interested in trying but liked it so much I wanted to share it with my viewers. To me a monthly or weekly subscription meal plan would be a great holiday gift to someone you know that's extremely busy, a child that's just starting out on their own or just someone that has everything. You don't have to be a professional cook or even really know how to cook to use the Green Chef weekly meal plans. It's all written out for you, in easy to follow directions with images. The recipes are WONDERFUL, everyday it's something new and exciting. 
Since I love cooking & baking even to me this is an exciting thing to receive. It's something new and different. My boyfriend and I enjoy the meals I cook from Green Chef, they are things I don't normally make. After trying them we save the recipe cards and at a later date I recreate the meals with my own special touches. It makes our current Green Chef meals special and my recreations extra special. 

If you've never tried Green Chef before, click on the link below. You will receive 4 FREE meals, just for using the link below. That's 2 nights of dinner absolutely free. 
This link saves you $65.97 bringing your total to $32.97
YOU WILL RECEIVE: 6 total meals (4 of which are free) you are paying for 2 meals and a delivery fee of $9
$11.98 per meal (for the 2 you're paying for)
If you want to break it down with the FREE meals, you are paying $5.50 per meal

I think this is a really good deal, this is what I paid for my first box, since I have continued to purchase Green Chef every other week. You can skip weeks whenever you want or CANCEL AT ANYTIME 
To cancel your subscription please email us at or call 888-236-7295. 

This was my first Green Chef box

The meals included were Shichimi-Broiled Sole ~ our favorite, Balsamic-Glazed Chicken & Steak Fajita Wraps. I choose the KETO meal plan since Low/No Carbs is how we currently eat. The items come labeled in a color code for each recipe, all the items are packed well and items such as eggs & tomatoes are well protected. Your meats will be on the bottom closest to the ice packets and veggies and spices on the top. Some items, like the carrots were already cut up, others are just a half an item such as onions & bell pepper (since you only needed 1/2 for that meal) that way there's no waste or confusion. 

Recipe cards are included for each easy to make/follow meal. 

Our first Green Chef meal, delicious!

Included recipe card. As you can see this meal stated it would take 20 minutes. It took me 17 minutes to make from start to plating.

Ingredients all clearly marked with the purple stickers for this meal set out ready to use.

Food Prep, super easy and fast. Longest time was the cooking and waiting to taste.

Final meal, ready to eat. It was delicious.

Our second meal was delicious too. 

This one states 30 minutes prep & cook time. It was about 10  minutes or less of prep (including end plating time) and 20 minute of cooking time. Easy, delicious. A meal I will and have made again. 
The tomato, carrot type salad was wonderful. Perfect summer time light and refreshing meal. 

All meals are just the right amount of food for 2 people. You won't be hungry afterwards. 

Our 3rd and favorite meal. It was so different and good. 

Honestly I didn't think we would like this meal, was I surprised. It was so good, a super light but very filling meal. I even had leftovers ready to heat up just in case. Geez was I wrong, this is a meal I plan on making again and again. 

These were the 6 meals I received. You will receive 6 meals too, but of course not the same as above.
Each week Green Chef has new and exciting meals.
You can skip a week or cancel at anytime. 
Don't forget you can even pick your own meal type, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Omnivore & Carnivore

Use my link to receive 4 FREE meals