Pet Holiday Gift Giving ~ Petlinks Cat Toys


If you have a cat or any pet make sure you shop for them too this holiday season. I always make sure my cats, dogs and even fish have something special and new for the Holidays. That way while we open gifts they have something to play with. 
I even get friends and other family members pets gifts for the holidays. I like to make sure everyone is happy. My cats and now my sons girlfriends cat has been spoiled from Petlinks.
They sell some wonderful products and I was able to review the above. 
My son's girlfriend cat has been enjoying the 3-in-1 Scratch Hide and Play toy. While my cats are enjoying the catnip (not pictured)
                                                                         and HyperNip toys
All are made with excellent quality, have accessories on them that keep your pets interested like ribbons, features and catnip scents and hold up to any animal craziness. 

My sons girlfriends cat enjoying the 3-in-1 Scratcher Hide-n-Play

3-in-1 Scratcher Hide-n-Play

3-in-1 cat scratcher provides a cozy nook to scratch, hide & play
Carpet lined hideaway with thick jute rope for playing & rubbing against
Carpet surface inside is perfect for cats who like to scratch on their sides
Cozy nook provides a place to curl up and relax in
A satisfying scratch solution that redirects natural scratching behavior away from furnishings

Petlinks Pure Bliss
Organic Catnip

Let your kitty follow his bliss with the Petlinks Pure Bliss Organic Catnip. Made with only one ingredient—100% pure, unadulterated organic catnip—it’s just what your kitty needs for a burst of catnip-infused play. Catnip is all-natural and totally safe and non-toxic to cats, providing a boost of energy followed by a purrfectly mellow period with just a whiff. You can add it to toys, scratchers and bedding to make them even more enticing to your kitty, and since it has no chemicals or pesticides, you can use it every day!
100% pure, organic catnip that’s been dried and processed for easy sprinkling or stuffing.
Gets your kitty excited about playtime with a burst of energy followed by a soothing relaxation.
Grown, processed and packaged without any pesticides or chemicals so it’s safe for anytime use.
Great to draw cats to certain areas, like bedding, scratchers, carriers, and even toys.
100% safe for pets and comes in a resealable package for easy storage.

Petlinks HyperNip Crinkle Quack Cat Toy
Petlinks HyperNip Silly Piggies Cat Toy, 2 count

Turn playtime into chase time for your hyper kitty with the Petlinks HyperNip Crinkle Quack Cat Toy. This adorable toy is made with compressed hypernip―an exclusive blend of silvervine, an all-natural herb, and catnip―plus real jute, feathers and ribbons to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts and get even finicky felines engaged. It’s lightweight so it’s easy for your furry one to carry it and bat it around, and provides much-needed exercise for both indoor and outdoor kitties. And the crinkle sound is sure to keep playtime going! Plus, the stuffing is made from recycled plastic so it’s great for your kitty and the environment.
  • Exciting and engaging toy stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts.
  • Filled with hypernip, an all-natural blend of silvervine and catnip that works better than catnip alone.
  • Made with real jute, feathers, ribbons and crinkle sound for an interactive activity you can enjoy with your pal.
  • Provides much-needed exercise so it’s great for indoor and outdoor cats.
  • Made with recycled materials that are totally safe for pets and ideal for everyday use. 
  • Made with all natural, safe materials including jute legs, felt ears, and ribbon tails.
  • Prey-mimicking design stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts for more exciting playtime.
  • Pounce-ready with hypernip filling, an all-natural blend of silvervine and catnip that cats go wild over.
  • Lightweight so they’re perfectly tossable for on-demand playtime with your energetic friend.
  • Eco-friendly design with stuffing made from recycled plastic for a green, kitty-approved toy.

Don't forget to shop for your cat's this holiday season