Holiday Gift Giving Idea ~ Westrock Coffee Review & Giveaway


At Westrock Coffee Company, their drive is to be a catalyst for real change in the lives of farmers and their families, through honest, direct trade with transparency at every stage in the supply chain, from crop to cup. The end result is strong, sustainable growth at origin and a quality product for their customers.

Westrock Coffee Company uses direct trade to cultivate long-term relationships with the farmers who grow their Coffee.
This way, they are able to personally connect with farmers to offer higher compensation based on the coffee’s quality as well as training and educational opportunities. Through their Agribusiness Training Program, they are able to teach farmers improved agricultural practices in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. These partnerships provide opportunities for farmers and their families to have their basic necessities like education, access to clean water and healthcare fulfilled.
Westrock has a fantastic selection of Coffee. I love their K-Cups!!! They are so simple and easy to use whenever I just want to make one cup of coffee. Usually in the morning I don't have time for a huge pot of coffee. I typically don't have time to sit and drink cup after cup so it tends to go to waste. That is why I can't get enough of Westrock Coffee Company K-Cups. Also I like to mix up my coffee blends. One cup I might want the Rawanda Select Reserve Dark Roast and my next cup I might want Meza Morning Blend.
Recently I have discovered a new favorite!! It is a delicious dark roast. Organic Sumatran Blend!!! Yuuummmmm!!! This coffee has a full bodies flavor of roasted almond with a sweet and smooth finish. This coffee is certified organic and tastes incredible. In our home we love a dark roast and this Organic Sumatran Blend gives you 

everything you want in a dark roast but without any bitter aftertaste. Westrock Organic Sumatran Blend K-cups are perfect for your everyday and now 

Not only can you purchase Westrock Coffee directly from their website or in a store near you but you can also find them on AMAZON!! This is awesome!!! You can just order it off Amazon and if you have prime you don't even need to pay shipping.


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