Holiday Gift Giving Ideas ~ Rock the Locks ~ Natural Hair Care Products for Kids Review

Rock the Locks are all natural kids hair cleaning and styling products that would make great holiday
stocking stuffer or gift basket items. 

Flex Style Gel
ROCK THE LOCKS flex style gel (5 oz.) gives hair more control and hold, and rinses off easily. 
Get stylin’ & profilin’!
Green Apple Scent
Ready to lock it & rock it?  Finally, an alcohol free, water-based hairspray that provides great hold & shine.  ROCK THE LOCKS hairspray (8.5 fl. oz.) is humidity resistant & smells so fruity fresh.
Shampoo + Conditioner
ROCK THE LOCKS shampoo + conditioner (12 fl. oz.) uses a unique plant-based complex to gently clean, condition and add shine to hair.  Designed to clean all hair types with just the right balance of moisture for normal to dry hair.  No sulfates, and oh 
so fresh & so clean.
Blueberry Blast Scent
Texture Paste
Rock the Locks texture paste (2 oz.) gives extreme hold without weighing hair down. Great shine & control.  
Don’t messy with me!
Smells like Green Apples
Picture all the above in a cute gift basket to a special kid. Or individually wrapped in his/her stocking. What a cute and useful gift. Since ROCK THE LOCKS is infused with essential oils and scented with super fruit extracts, what kid wouldn't love it. 
Say good-bye to artificial fragrances, alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. 
Quality formulas developed and tested by salon professionals.  
Rocks the Locks products are made in USA, cruelty-free, and yes, affordable!
Fun packaging and fruity scents that appeals to kids, with ingredients that Moms trust. 
Finally, natural hair care that performs. 
It’s time to Rock the Locks!

Hair Care Products for Kids without the harsh chemicals
Conditioning Detangler    
ROCK THE LOCKS conditioning detangler (8.5 fl. oz.) tames the toughest tangles while conditioning & adding body and moisture.  Take your hair from knotty to not so knotty & enjoy natural, beautiful shine.
It smells like bananas and pineapple 
Curl Boost 
Rock the Locks curl boost (5 oz.) enhances curls & defines waves without weighing hair down.  It’s humidity resistant and perfect for unruly hair.  As you know, curls wanna have fun!
Smells like Orange Creamsicle