Holiday Gift Giving Idea ~ Illumibowl ~ Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Review

Illumibowl is the perfect stocking stuffer, holiday party hostess gift or gift. Everyone has a bathroom and everyone can use a motion activated toilet night light. 

The Illumibowl is easy to install. Just lift the lid and set it on the edge of the toilet. It doesn't get in the way when using the bathroom. But is it motion activated so it needs to be facing where you would walk into the toilet area of your bathroom in order for it to turn on. 
Your Illumibowl will change to different colors when on, you can even freeze it on one color or shade. Making the bowl glow in vibrant but not overpowering colors. No more switching on the bathroom light at night and blinding you.
Illumibowl put off just enough light to allow you to see, not
miss and use the bathroom in the dark. 
Freeze on any color or transition (16 color combinations & unlimited shades)
3 Stage Dimmer (Set brightness to your preferred level)
Smooth Color Transitions
Battery Life (Lasts 4-6 months)
100% lifetime guarantee!
Fits ANY toilet