Pet Holiday Gift Giving ~ Against The Grain ~ Nothing Else ~  Pet Food Review

Against The Grain ~ One Ingredient ~ Nothing Else

This is the BEST canned dog food out there.
I have been using it for years. My dogs & cats love it.
NOTHING ELSE, just what the can says... 100% Beef, Duck, Chicken, Pork or Salmon
It actually smells good since there is nothing more. Just a loaf in gravy. 

Why Against the Grain was started:

After realizing that 99% of pet foods in the market are all of the same type, which is: an inferior manufacturing process, non-unique ingredients, and designed to be cost-effective where pet nutrition is not the number one priority. So we started Against the Grain, and we do exactly as our name suggests: make food that is second to none, and completely unique, revolutionary, evolutionary, nutritious, and wholesome. We first came up with what would be required to make the BEST bio-available pet food available, then developed the manufacturing to make the best pet food cost-effective. The criterion for our pet foods is:
  2. Nutritionally superior food using only whole, fresh, non-processed ingredients
  3. Ensuring all nutrition is biologically available
  4. Ensure that maximum palatability for the culinary pleasures and increased quality of life of our companion pets.

We are a family-owned and operated company, and truly consider our pets a part of our family. We would do anything to ensure the life, health, and happiness of our family, and therefore have created a pet food that is of the quality our pets need.

They also sell cat food. 
My cats really enjoy this food. They go nuts when I open can. It looks like real human food and doesn't smell gross. Just like fish.  It's just the fish, other ingredients and a thick gravy. 

Don't forget your pets this holiday season. 
Add Against the Grain products into their stocking.