Pet Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ California Canine

Jacky loves her California Canine Bandana, she waits in the morning for me to put it on her. Usually soon after she wakes up she goes and stands near where I keep it hung up,,,, I take it off her before bed since I'm one of those Moms that worries all night that it will strangle her or she won't like it.... I can't even let her sleep with a collar on (same reason) So when she wakes up she looks forward to her "clothes", she's even worn this cute scarf with her jacket. It's so cute and full of Christmas spirit. 
The VW Bus with four dogs drives down the road with a bone decorated tree on top headed to the North Pole.. Under the California Canine saying is a line of red and green Christmas gifts it's the perfect "tis the Season" apparel. 
The "Tis the Season Bandana's come in these four colors, baby blue, pink, white and black. All the colors have the same holiday print.
You can purchase the bandana in small or large.
The small measures 18.5″ wide & the Large measures 29.5″ wide.
California Canine also has these super cute collars. They are made from a heavy duty nylon red webbing with stitched white ribbon featuring the California Canine “Original” design. The clasp is nice and sturdy and the whole collar is adjustable.
There's a nice thick ring to hook your leash on and dogs tags. 
The collar comes in 3 sizes, Small 14 inches, Medium 20 inches and Large 32 inches. 
California!  Eureka!  The home of Hollywood, Disneyland, Beaches, Palm Trees, Sun & Surf, Half-Pipe’s and Half Dome’s, Farms that feed the World, and the list goes on!  Gosh it’s great to live here!  So when we were reminded in a real God-moment that we share all of this with our best Canine friends, California Canine was born.
California Canines are different.  Our California Canines are a partying group, and they go everywhere!  It is our hope to share the fun our Canines have in this great state  through the work of our amazingly creative  designers.
We started with the vanguard of our line, the Original California Flag replication where we dumped the bear and placed the Golden Dog for the Golden State of California.  From there, keeping with the state flag design, we moved on to other Canine activities.  As our seasons change (sort of), so will our designs reflecting activities, life-styles, dogs friends, and more.  So watch this site and be the first to wear our new releases as they come available.  Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites, or this sites registration page and we will keep you informed as to what our California Canines are up to next!

California Canine also sells human clothes.
Men, Women & Infants

“tis the Season!” Men’s Tee
“tis the Season!”
Women’s Tee

This is an amazing comfortable Tee cut nicely for comfort and looks.  Made of 100% Soft Cotton, not only are you comfortable, you will see smiles on the faces of everyone you meet.  Truly a fun Shirt!
100% Cotton, extremely cute Tank!  Preshrunk and Colorfast.
The shirts super soft stretchy & looks super cute on. It comes in Black, Grey or White Background. 
Comes in Black & Gray... Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

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