Pet Holiday Gift Giving ~ Petlinks Cat Toys

Don't forget your cats this Holiday Season... Only one week left until Christmas, make sure you pick up some Petlinks items to make your cats happy too.


Sky Scratch

This tall carpeted and rope scratcher is perfect for cats big and small. If they can stretch to the top there's a feather and ribbon toy waiting for them. 
The lower rope scratch area is perfect for deep scratching, Our older cat Katy loves the rope area, she never reaches up to the carpet. Yet our younger cat Duncan only scratches the carpeted area. Neither seem to care about the ribbon/feather on the top but my mini daschund does, She will stand by the scratcher barking until I lift her to see the feather. I think she wishes it was one of her dog toys. 

The base of the Sky Scratch is sturdy and also carpeted with a flat darker grey carpet. The rope is off white and the top carpet is thicker and a lighter grey. All very neutral and would look fine sitting in a living room, bedroom or
any room in your house. 

Perfect way for your cats to scratch without using your furniture as the scratcher. 

Pick the Sky Scratch up for your cats today. 

My cats go NUTS for catnip. I just open the can and they come running. When I sprinkle it on their Sky Scratch they go nuts and start scratching away. 

Petlinks HyperNip Silvervine Canister HyperNip Catnip Blend Loose Catnip is an exciting blend of silvervine and catnip packed inside a resealable bag inside of a canister to ensure freshness. More potent than plain catnip & as pure as can be, Silvervine, a (wild-growing natural herb) has a strong natural effect on even finicky cats. Features: Satisifies your cat's need for Stimulation Use loose catnip to attract cats to toys, scratchers and bedding Attracts cats like a magnet 

Perfect Cat Stocking Stuffer