SmartyKat Review

Cats love to play and scratch, SmartyKat has some
wonderful items to help with both and more. 
From Play, Scratch, Wellness, Retreat, Litter & Hygiene. 
My cats love SmartyKat Scratch pads. Katy our older cat uses it daily. Duncan the younger cat uses it from time to time but more thinks it's an area to sit. Katy has always been more of a scratcher but never furniture, she has always used a scratch pad or post. SmartyKat has a wide variety of Scratch Pads & Posts to choose from. Some are made of cardboard boxes that are lower in price and can just be thrown out when scratched up where others are a little more expensive and made from wood and carpet. My cats both prefer the cardboard box type scratch pads
Katy just didn't understand the Happy Hammock from SmartyKat. she tried, but failed every time. Maybe she's just to big. I even added some catnip, that's what she got all over her back foot in the below picture. So I am saving the Happy Hammock for my sons girlfriends cat. She has a smaller younger cat that hopefully will enjoy the
Happy Hammock.