Organic Aromas ~ Perfect Valentine's Day Gift~

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. 
Chocolates and Roses are perfect gifts but why not add something that will last forever & add the perfect aroma to your home. From romantic scents to stress relievers.
Scents for everyday. 
Organic Aromas has two new products that are perfect for gift giving.
Mobile-Mini Nebulizing Diffuser


You can take the new Mobile-Mini Nebulizing Diffuser with you anywhere. Or just leave it in one location. I leave mine in my bathroom, but I did take it on a short weekend vacation. It was the perfect addition to my hotel room. Leaving a wonderful and peaceful scent that relaxed me each evening when returning to our room. 
The mobile-mini has a hard plastic shield over the glass bulb so no worries that it will break. You can charge this unit and it lasts about 5 1/2 hours on a charge. Or leave it plugged in to a USB charger. 
This unit runs like other Organic Aroma diffusers, ON for 2 minutes, OFF for 1 minute in a cycle, back-and-forth for a period of two hours. At 2 hours, the unit will automatically shut off.

  • Complete freedom and control of your aromatherapy experience with this wireless, rechargeable lithium-battery powered nebulizing diffuser®
  • Take it anywhere you go, on a trip, to a hotel, in the car, to your yoga class, you name it!
  • Specialty, custom hand-blown glass reservoir, concentrates and focuses the stream of atomized particles of pure essential oil with perfect efficiency and zero waste
  • With no plastic, no water, and no heat, the strong lithium batteries of the Mobile-Mini make it a revolutionary advance in the aromatherapy world.


The Discovery Collection
The perfect sampler or essential oils. 
You will receive 40 different single and organic pure essential oils and their blends
all smell wonderful and all work perfectly in any Organic Aromas Diffusers. 
One vial is perfect to fill your diffuser 1-3 times. 
I have used about half my scents and loved every one of them. 

  • The most comprehensive "sampler" product on the entire market
  • Try 40 different single and organic pure essential oils and their blends
  • Share, learn and expand your experience with this one-of-a-kind collection
  • Each vial contains 2 milliliters of pure essential oil
  • Give it as the perfect gift or indulge and savor each aroma yourself 


If your not interested in the above Organic Aromas is offering some excellent Valentine's Day deals.
See below...

Both of these offers end on February 14th. 

No matter what you order from Organic Aromas your loved one will LOVE IT. 
I love this company, they sell the most amazing diffusers and their essential oils smell great.