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The perfect hands free dog walking leash. You can just throw High5Dogs leash over your shoulder. With everyone being on their cells phones constantly but still you need to make time to walk your dog this leash is the perfect way to do both. It will leave you with both your hands free and let your dog have the walk he or she needs. 
With the unique CLIC mechanism it is also super convenient to tether your furry friend
anywhere in a simple and elegant manner.
The CLIC Shoulder leash makes it much more convenient to bring your pal along for any occasion. 
(Please never leave your dog unattended!)
Hands-free dog walking
Convenient tethering without unleashing your dog                                                       
Use 4 different ways of leashing your dog with only one leash
Easy to shorten
Sporty and stylish
Patent pending
My son just recently moved from Arizona to Lower Manhattan, NY. He was so used to just walking from his apartment door to the dog park in his complex with is dog Benji. He never really put Benji on a leash. Now that he's in NY Benji needs to constantly be on a leash when going for a walk. The High5Dogs leash is perfect for him to use. He can now take Benji along everywhere he goes and still be hands free, perfect time to call home and talk to his Mom. 
High5Dogs comes in 
Metropolitan CollectionH5D Leisure collection *New*
The High5dogs Metropolitan collection is designed with the urban professional in mind.
With smart solutions to make your life easy and an understated luxurious style, these products are ideal to
bring your pal along for any occasion. 
The Metropolitan collection is available in Beige, Red & Charcoal. 
In 3 sizes: 3/16" - 5mm, 7/16" - 11mm and 5/16" - 8mm


The H5D Leisure collection is a bright and colorful collection for the active city person and dog. With CLIC, Shoulder and Leader leashes in 7 and 13 mm rope, there is a leash for any type of dog. Match it with one of our unique Rope Walker harnesses that are easy to adjust and have quick release buckles.

- 1/2" / 13mm CLIC leash: 
USA: Length 55”/43” - Maximum dog weight: 85 LBS
EUR: Length 140cm/110cm - Maximum dog weight: 50 KG
- 1/4" / 7 mm CLIC leash: 
USA: Length 55”/43” - Maximum dog weight: 22 LBS
EUR: Length 140cm/110cm - Maximum dog weight: 15 KG

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