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As you will see below Molly is sound asleep after her Bedtime Bones and Tales for the Tail End of a Wintery Day book. I read her a few pages before she fell asleep. We have three dogs, Molly, Jacky and Maddie. All three usually sleep pretty good, minus if they hear of smell something outside. I always get them ready for bed by putting Jacky in her pj’s and the other two snuggled under the covers in their bed at the foot of my bed. Jacky doesn’t like to be covered that’s why she wears pj’s. Now all 3 get a Bedtime Bone before bed and a few spritz of Eau de Bedtime Canine Calming Spray on their bed.

They have been sleeping like babies and the spray smells amazing!


Eau de Bedtime is amazing… I even think it helps me sleep better. I love the calming scent and I think my doggies do too. Maddie always snuggles down into the blankets after I spritz it on them. It’s super cute… Just a few pumps is all it takes to help your pups sleep better at night.

I love that it’s a blend of all natural essential oils ~ Chamomile, Lavender, Citrus & Patchouli together this smell is amazing, I think i’ve said that 2-3 times now but it really is a great scent for bedtime. It’s also Eco Friendly and Made in the USA. I only buy pet products Made in the USA. You can purchase this spray as a one time thing for on a monthly subscription ~ that saves you a few dollars. This and all the Bedtime4Dogs items would make great dog stocking stuffers for your pups or loved ones pups.


Tales for the Tail End of a Wintery Day Bedtime Stories 4 Humans and Their Dogs Winter Edition is such a cute book. It’s a book of short stories for Winter about things you would share with your dogs. They might not understand what your saying but they will enjoy the attention and time you spend reading to them. Mine are so cute they lay there watching me read out loud turning their heads so slowly with each word like they are taking it all in and understanding every word I say. It’s adorable.
The book is even dedicated to an adorable dog named Koszi =) I very much enjoyed Tales for the Tail End of a Wintery Day for myself and my dogs. I’ve read it all but I continue to read it again just a page or two each night to them after they are snuggled in bed. It helps me sleep too. After the relaxing reading, wonderful Eau de Bedtime smell and the sweetness of my dogs laying at the foot of our bed I am nice and relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

The book can also be purchased alone or as a subscribe and save offer.

Great pup stocking stuffer idea.


Bedtime bones® are an organic, chamomile bedtime treat for your dog (Yes, chamomile affects your dog the same way it affects you). The package is made from recycled materials made with wind power. Small dog bones are packaged one for every day of the month, plus a little extra to share.

I do have one request for Bedtime Bones…. they make a soft option for dogs with sensitive teeth. My poor little Maddie was a rescue dog and has hardly any teeth and the ones she does have can’t really handle harder bones. I had to break up her Bedtime Bone and give it to her in pieces. If there was a soft-chewy version I think that would be great. Otherwise EXCELLENT product that works great, the girls have never slept better. On weekends we now notice they sleep in later then us, it’s so cute.

Bedtime Bones come packaged in a cute box, a month’s supply for one pup plus a few extra to share =) so sweet and sharing we did with a client of mine that has a new pup that was having sleeping issues. You can a bulk box too if you have lots of pups like me and both of course can be purchased as a one time thing or as a discounted subscription. Again great stocking stuffers for your pets or loved ones pets.

Big plus look at this ingredients list: all organic-rye flour, oat bran, brown eggs, canola, chamomile, honey  maybe they should make a human version too =) lol these ingredients sound yummy and I know to my dogs they are, they eat them right up. I love when products for my dogs are made with such great organic ingredients.


Bedtime4Dogs is offering Simple Side of Life viewers 10% off one edition of Bedtime Stories for Dogs or 25% off the whole series. Use code LIVE SIMPLY with the following link: