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Grow Fragrance has the perfect holiday time air + fabric freshener scent called Pine Forest. I love this scent. It smells just like pine tree’s. I’ve been spraying it around my house daily and feel like i’m in the forest. The scent Pine Forest has notes of resinous pine, cedarwood and warm amber. The best part it’s 100% plant based, toxin free and safe for anywhere in your home. Pick some up today, perfect stocking stuffers or hostess gift basket gifts.


Grow Fragrance isn’t like those other fabric fresheners with their fake smelling scents that just fill the air with a temporary yuck. Grow Fragrance actually smells great, it’s 100% plant based, Made in the USA, toxin free and Eliminate odors. I have a bottle of Grow Fragrance in every room of my house, the Pine Forest right now if my favorite. Since I put up my Christmas tree I feel like the Pine Forest scent is perfect, it makes me think my trees real and makes my house smell…. well like a pine forest…


Eliminate odors, freshen fabric, or set the mood

Each 5oz bottle contains over 500 sprays, easy to use, just make sure you unlock, shake & spray. Can be used on fabrics. Perfect for dog beds. Use 2-3 sprays for bathroom odors, 5-6 sprays for larger bedrooms or offices and a little more for larger or open spaces. I never use more than 6 sprays at a time and love the result I get. This is by far the best and only freshener you need. No more masking smells with fake scents. Perfect for the holidays.

Grow Fragrance offers one bottle at $12 or two for $20 and no matter what you buy they offer free shipping. Five scents to choose from. All perfect for Holiday Gift Giving.

Or buy the below variety pack for $18 these would be perfect to add into gift baskets.

Save 10% using code: SIMPLE10


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