RollinGreens Ancient Grain Millet Tots

I wanted to start off this review by sharing something with my viewers. A little over a month ago I was told I needed to start being 100% gluten free, I always knew gluten effected me in many ways and tried my best to stay away, but didn’t try 100%. For a month now I have been 100% GF and never felt better. I have more energy, no brain fog, no stomach issues and best part no migraines or body aches. I work hard cleaning homes daily and deal with a handful of medical issues… so to have these things gone is amazing, why I didn’t do this GF thing years ago is beyond me. But let me say (in keeping this short) going 100% gluten free has been the best things for me. I will never turn back….. With this being said. From here on out you will start to see lots of GF reviews. My first is this wonderful product from Rollin Greens, they are like tator tots and hush puppies in a bite size cube bursting with flavor.


A little background on the RollinGreens Family

RollinGreens dates back to 1980 when the Cunningham’s founded Boulder’s first organic food truck. After three years serving the community, three kids and a fourth one on the way (Chef Ko), the Cunningham’s prepared to throw in the towel and pursue other careers. In 2011, the company was revitalized by the youngest Cunningham son Chef Ko and his wife Lindsey.

After five years being a farmers market staple and a successful catering service, they launched their packaged product line in 2015. Their line debuted with the revolutionary product Millet Tots. Millet Tots are the only non potato, whole grain tot on the market.


Both Vegan and Gluten-free, these crispy bites are a comfort food made healthy!

The second I received my RollinGreens Ancient Millet Tots I had to give them a try. I made the box of Original Tots ~ Organic Onion & Sea Salt. I didn’t want to heat up my oven so I used my air fryer on high for 10 minutes. Let me first tell you our house smelled amazing, it was like I was making fresh onion rings. My neighbor happened to show up during the air fryer time and asked what I was making, he stuck around until they were done and gave one a try. He to loved them saying these aren’t potatoes… Nope!

Nice and crispy squares of absolute goodness. I couldn’t stop eating one after another, to be honest I ate the whole box. In reality the box was enough for 2-4 people. I did share a few, but only a few. This was my first hot gluten free item and I loved it. Since day one I have tried all the flavors and still the Original Tots are my favorite.


The other flavors are


Italian Herb Tots ~ Organic Basil & Garlic


Spicy-Sweet Tots ~ Organic Sweet Potatoes & Poblano Chili

Do you wonder what Millet is? I did.

Millet originated more than 4,000 years ago from a wild west African grass.

This superfood tolerates adverse growth conditions and serves as an important food source in many parts of the world. Plus, it grows great here in Colorado, and has one of the lowest water requirements of any grain crop.  Millet is a pseudo grain and a member of the grass family Poaceae which produces a dry, edible one-seeded fruit, “caryopsis,” commonly called a kernel, grain or berry.  The grain is small, round, and relatively soft with a mild flavor. Millet is one of the least allergenic and most easily digestible grains out there. In today’s world of acidic foods, it’s nice to have an alkalizing grain in your diet, such as Millet. This tiny whole grain is gluten free and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Interesting… You learn something every day.

RollinGreens are the perfect anytime snack, dinner side dish or something you use in making another dish such as Kale Caesar with basil & garlic Millet Tots