Make ahead smoothies.....

I am not a big breakfast fan, but I know I need to eat something to get my morning started... If not I become very grumpy by lunch time and that grumpiness seems to continue all day (even when I eat lunch)
So, after searching around online for easy, fast breakfast items I came up with this...
You can use just about anything you would normally make a morning smoothie with. 
I choose to use spinach, banana, mixed frozen fruit, oj concentrate, hemp hearts & Arboone Daily Fiber Boost. 

The simple part is....
I took a handful of clean spinach leaves, stuffed them into a quart ziplock bag, added 1/2 a banana (skins off of course), 
1 cup of frozen mixed fruit (peaches, pineapples, grapes & strawberries) and 2 TBLS. of Orange Juice concentrate. 
Along with 1 TBLS. Hemp Hearts & 1 scoop Arboone Daily Fiber Boost. 

After filling 6 bags I closed them up and put them in my freezer. 

In the morning I take a bag out of the freezer, crunch it up in my hands, to break up the mixed fruit 
(otherwise my blender has a hard time mixing it)
 Pour the frozen items in to my Ninja blender. Add 2 cups cold water and blend for a few seconds.... 
Till I see all the spinach broken up very fine. DONE!

So Simple,Fast and DELICIOUS!