Clean Green Dual Action Smarter Gloves Review & Giveaway 


How often have you tried to use your cell phone with gloves on to find out it doesn't work? I know I have done it a few times. But not anymore. Problem Solving Products sent me Clean Green Microfiber Dual Auction Smarter Gloves. Yes a very long name, but a very useful product. 

Today was my 1st day to actually try out my gloves since its in the low 40's and I decided I needed to go out for pizza dinner. I wore my new Smarter Gloves to see if they will really work. Much to my surprise they do. I now found a great pair of winter gloves. I was still able to use my iPhone and keep my hands nice and warm. 

Not only will these work with your phone they are perfect for tablets, music devices, reading devices and gps. You will love your new Smarter Gloves and your hands will love you for keeping them warm, when you decided you need to text in the cold. Only $8.95 a pair. Click HERE to find out where to buy your Smarter Gloves. 


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