ShaveMOB Review


Why spend tons of money on razors at your local store when you can shop online with ShaveMOB and save up to 70%
ShaveMOB is not only super cheap, they also offer FREE shipping on ALL orders and you get your razor in a 100% recyclable low impact packaging. 

I received The Perfectionist Razor and Handle from ShaveMOB and loved it. I felt it was very high quality and soothed my legs and I shaved. The handle is very study and I like that it has grip type material on the bottom part to help so your hand doesn't slip when wet and soapy and cause you to cut yourself. It consists of 6 blades that help you get your legs shave quickly. Leaving your legs silky and smooth. The head part of the razor is flexible and moved to cut any part of your legs easily. It glides and bends over knee cap areas with ease. There are strips on the razor that contain aloe, Vitamin E and lavender oil. That is what leaves you with a silky smooth feeling after you shave. 

                    Not only is this the perfect razor it comes with the perfect price. Only $3.33 a month. 

                        ALL ShaveMOB blades are made from the highest quality stainless steel utilizing 
                                                    unmatched precision and workmanship. 

                                                            FLEXIBLE, EASY PACKAGES
                                                                NO MEMBERSHIP 
                                                            AND NO RECURRING FEES

                                                       The more you buy the more you save.