5Sparrows Chocolate, Frappe & Chai Review & Coupon Code


5Sparrows is offering all my viewers a 20% discount that will be good until Dec 31, 2013
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5Sparrows sells wonderful Chocolate, Frappe and Chai drink mixes. 
All are naturally sweetened with stevia. You will love each and every flavor 5Sparrows sells. 
They can be mixed easily into milk or coffee. Since I don't drink milk I did the next best thing and mixed mine into almond milk. Of course it was just as good. 

The best part for me is they are all gluten free. So for me they were a great treat. 

5Sparrows sent me a few different flavors to try. My favorite of the 3 was Monumental Spiced Chai. I have always liked anything chai flavor, but 5parrows is now one of my favorite. I mixed the packet with 16oz of hot almond milk and drank every bit of it. Monumental Spiced Chai is bold and creamy it is bound to become a favorite in your circle. Carefully blended spices, organic black tea and pure cane sugar are combined to impart well rounded flavors and a warm, spicy finish. 5Sparrows Chai is designed to bring joy to the most sophisticated of palates.
My second favorite was House Chocolate. I actually shared this one. Rich and smooth 5Sparrows all-natual House Chocolate is a revolution in decadence. A blend of cocoa, pure cane sugar and real vanilla artfully combines to wow the most discriminating chocolate lover. Made from a blend of cocoa, pure cane sugar and real vanilla. Any chocolate lover will love House Chocolate. 
My last favorite was Sugar Free House White Chocolate. I am not a fan of white chocolate but did like the taste of the coco. I added it both in milk and saved some to add in my coffee. I liked the taste of it better in my coffee- decaf of course.  It has a perfectly sweet yet creamy taste of white chocolate

                                  Another good part of all 5Sparrow products is they either 
                                  sugar or sugar free so you can choose what best suits you. 
                                            The products I tried were all sugar free

Here is the lowdown on Stevia:
Stevia is made from a plant that is a member of the daisy family.  It is an all-natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbs and a zero glycemic index value (it doesn't impact blood sugar levels when processed through your body). The stevia in our product is a purified form, known as Stevia SG95.  

Xylitol is a natural, plant derived substance that looks and tastes very similar to sugar but has less than 1/2 of the calories of sugar. It has a low glycemic index as it obsorbes slowly into the blood stream and does not cause a spike like sugar . It is used to sweeten all kinds of chewing gum as it is known to reduce the incidence of tooth decay.  Why isn’t Xylitol the natural sugar substitute of choice? It’s far more expensive than sugar or artificial sweeteners, and knowledge of the product is limited in the U.S.

Both stevia and xylitol have been popular in Japan and Europe for decades.  Since they are naturally derived, there is no "sugar free" aftertaste and they are excellent natural alternatives.  

5Sparrows is offering all my viewers a 20% discount that will be good until Dec 31, 2013
The code is ‘simpleside’ all lower case.