eKids Monsters University Scary Hairy Headphones - Sulley Review

Aren't these the cutest headphones you have ever seen?!?! The Sulley, Monsters University Scary Hairy Headphones by eKids are great for kids who are fans of the big, blue guy. They are designed to look like the top of Sulley's head; fur, horns and all. They are just the right size for their smaller noggins! The adjustable headband gives the perfect fit, allowing the ear pieces to fit perfectly over those smaller ears without being too loose and falling off. The soft, furry covering over the ear pieces makes them super comfortable and they don't cause any discomfort to my son's ears at all. 

My four year old son loves these Scary Hairy Headphones and that they feature Sulley and how soft and furry they are. I love that they are kid-safe with a built-in volume limiter that makes listening safe and he can't blare loud sounds directly into his little ears. Now, my son can play his games or movies and I no longer have to worry if he has the volume turned up too loud. 

The Sulley, Monsters University Scary Hairy Headphones by eKids are visually adorable, they fit my four year old son's head snugly and comfortably. They stay in place without falling off of his head. They are really soft, furry and fun for my son. If I were using them for myself, I would prefer that the volume be a little louder, but since they are for my son and I would prefer to protect his hearing, the volume is perfect. No complaints from him at all. 

If you would like to learn more or purchase these headphones, you can follow this link for more information. The Monsters University Scary Hairy headphones are on sale now at national retail and online outlets and cost around $20.00. 

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