LubeZilla ~Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Female Arousal Gel Review & Giveaway


You all know Lubezilla from my last review... Now I had the opportunity to host another review for something a little tamer =)

Lubezilla sent me 
Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Female Arousal Gel. 
This stuff works great just add a few small drop to the clitoral area and message in... before you know it you will have a very sensitive
 area that will last for a while.
Plus it has such a pleasant peppermint smell that will relax anyone and put them in the mood for a fun time.

Nature knows what it's doing, and when you want to get more from your intimate moments, there's nothing quite as effective as a 
pure, natural lubricant.

Blossom Organics' Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel provides a truly sensual experience. It features argininepeppermint, rose hip, evening primrose, and other natural ingredients, which directly stimulate the nerve endings in sensitive tissues. Rub a few drops of the gel around the clitoris to stimulate the area, allowing for more natural lubrication, better sensitivity, and easier and more frequent orgasms.  
Deep stimulating effects will increase blood flow to the clit giving you explosive feelings never felt before.

There's no parabensglycerin, alcohol, or any synthetic ingredients of any kind. It's completely safe for a woman's body, and the organic extracts deliver a delicate nurturing effect for your skin.
 Because it's a pH-balanced, aloe-based formula, you can safely use Pure Pleasure with all types of condoms and toys.  


I love LubeZilla... If you are in need of ANY personal lubricant products you will find them at LubeZilla. From the privacy of your home you can shop for what you need. 

From female, to male to use together products, LubeZilla has you covered. 

ALL products are shipped in discreet packaging with NO name or product information on the outside of the package. So you don't have to be worried that your mailman knows what your getting. LubeZilla also has a great feature on their site that helps you pick the correct LUBE for you, called LUBE 101. You can learn what's the right lube for your use, what the different products are that are in lubes and what area's down there are called (just in case you don't know) It's a great place to start on the site when picking out the right product for your pleasure. 

Not only does LubeZilla sell lube, they also sell Condoms and tons of Body and Beauty Products. Soon they will be offering Toys & Accessories. Like I said this is a great site especially if you are someone that wants to try something to jazz up  your sex life, or just help with a dryness or problem down there you may have when it comes to sex. Lubezilla has what you need and with the discreet packaging you never have to worry about anyone knowing. Check them out, you might find what your body needs to add that something new to your sex life =)

         One Lucky Viewer of Simple Side of Life will win, Blossom Organics Pure Pure Pleasure Female Arousal Gel
                                                                          Good Luck, Everyone!