Brite Ideas Flameless Candles Review & Giveaway



Flameless candles are the smartest idea for not only households with children or pets but anyone like me that is forgetful. 
I love Brite Ideas Flameless candles and the way they glow with a beautiful hand painted picture all around. 

Each flameless candle is real wax.  The art work is transferred by hand, then  dipped in wax for a final coating.  The 5 hour timer makes it easy to come home to candlelite every nite.  At the time you wish the candle to start flickering, slide the switch at the bottom to the right (TIMER). Your candle will flicker for 5 hours then automatically shut off.  It will come on again at the same time the following day.  
To reset the time your candle comes on, simply slide the switch to OFF and then back to TIMER,
 at the new desired time.   

The timer is a great addition to a flameless candle. I love that I can set and forget. They come on when I want and turn off when I want. So every night my candles are on when the sun goes down and they shut off about the time I get ready for bed. Making no fuss for me or fire I forget to blow out. Trust me I have forgot many nights to blow out a candle and wake up the next day to see it's still burning. Plus I have a cat that thinks he needs to get into everything. I had a tart melt on my counter that my cat decided to stick his tail in, now not only is his tail covered in wax, he shook it all over my counters and wall. 
NO more melting wax in my house. 
Brite Ideas Flameless candles are my new favorite and must have. 

With 11 hand painted flameless candles to choose from you are sure to find a few that fit into your decor.

My absolute favorite design is: Surfer

California Dreamin’ ,
sand & surf!  Our Surfer candle brings to mind the carefree life at the beach.

My second favorite flameless candle is: Dunes
I guess I just love the beach themes. 

..summer fun in the dunes.  This candle design will put you in an east coast state of mind!

Picnic is a great candle, would make for a cute outdoor night BBQ table setting. Or a perfect Fathers Day Gift. 

Our Picnic candle adds candlelite to  BBQ's and outdoor parties, with no worries about open flame or blowing out on a breezy 

Flowers flameless candle would make a great addition to any gift basket. 
Or sitting on your kitchen table. I love the bright yellow flowers and the cute bee...

Give a bouquet of flowers to someone special that will last and last.......

Do you know someone that's having a baby soon...

Use < a href="">Stork flameless candle or

Moon Cloud of part of your baby shower gifts. 

These are adorable. 

As you can see each candle has the image painted on the Front & Back ... so no matter where you place it you can see how beautiful it is. 


Going to a friends house for dinner?

Bring along a bottle of wine and this beautiful Grapes flameless candle. 

Your friend will be delighted. 

City or mountain home, on top of any mantle - 
bring the feel of the outdoors in. 

I love this candle and the glow that comes from behind the Pine Cones this can be used year round on the mantle or on the kitchen table with some garland. Or anywhere you want to bring the outdoors in.




No matter if your ringing in the New Year or celebrating an Anniversary.
 Celebrating the 4th of July with Fireworks, stars & stripes 
or having a 
Fall Harvest get together 
Brite Ideas flameless candles has the perfect candle to dress up your home, 
table or mantle with a soft beautiful glow.

All Brite Ideas Flameless Candles come individually packages in their own box, ready to give as gifts or keep for yourself. 
Brite Ideas is offering Simple Side of Life viewers 
10% off any of their 11 designs if you "Like" them on Facebook
Take advantage of this offer and pick up a few candles today. They currently are $14.00 each and the beautiful flowers candle is only $7.00, what a great deal!

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