Wild Garden Hummus Review & Giveaway


You know I love anything Gluten Free and I love hummus... so take two things I love mix them together and you get Wild Garden Hummus....

Did I mention I love hummus... I had tasted it till about 4 years ago and now it's one of my favorite foods. I love it with chips, crackers, veggies as a sandwich spread, even with bites of grilled chicken. Hummus has the creamiest smoothest texture that can have so many different flavors added to it to make it even that much better..

Wild Garden Hummus has made the best all natural, shelf stable (it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until after it’s been opened) hummus that is  gluten free, kosher, and non GMO.

On top of all the great things I already love about Wild Garden Hummus
the variety it comes in is even better..


Tired of chips and salsa? Try this! Perfect for parties, dorm rooms, or the office.

Classic Jars come in 8 excellent flavors to make any hummus lover happy.

Wild Garden Jalapeno Hummus Dip
Wild Garden Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip ~ My Favorite
Wild Garden Fire Roasted Pepper Hummus Dip
Wild Garden Sundried Tomato Hummus Dip
Wild Garden Traditional Hummus Dip
Wild Garden Black Olive Hummus Dip
Mediterranean Style Chunky Hummus
Mediterranean Style Hummus

All of these start off with the following ingredients:
Chick Peas, Sesame Paste, Water, Sea Salt & Natural Spices
so you know what you're eating is good for you.. and YUMMY!


Bring it anywhere! Squeeze onto crackers, pita chips, or a sandwich for a quick snack.

These are great. I took one in my lunch for work almost daily, till I ate them all! 

They come in 3 different flavors:

Wild Garden Traditional Hummus
Wild Garden Roasted Garlic Hummus,
Wild Garden Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

Perfect for your kids lunch boxes. 


Complete solution to your hunger.

Great for camping, long car trips, lunch boxes, quick snack
The pita chips were excellent! 
I ate every snack combo to go didn't share a single one...

They also come in 3 flavors:

Roasted Garlic Hummus & Pita Chips
Wild Garden Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus Pita Chips 
Wild Garden Traditional Hummus Pita Chips





You can order Wild Garden Hummus online HERE or
 find it in many local supermarkets in your neighborhood. 
Click HERE to find a store near you.

The winner of this review will receive from me
One Classic Jar of Wild Garden Hummus
and 3 Hummus to Go

Good Luck Everyone!