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Excellent 100% natural Hemp products from a great company. Hemptique sells tons of great products you can use in your home and life with no worries of chemicals or wondering what it's made of.With excellent customer service, Hemptique is the company you will want to use for all natural fiber cords, twines, ropes, yarns, garments, fabrics, bags, pet products and other accessories you will need. 

Hemptique® is TMI’s registered trade mark. Trade Marker International supplies high quality hemp and natural fiber-based products under its Hemptique® brand and private label brands.

Under the Hemptique® brand we design, develop, manufacture and supply hemp, bamboo, cotton, and organic cotton and other natural fiber-based products. Our line consists of natural fiber cords, twines, ropes, yarns, garments, fabrics, bags, pet products and other accessories.

In addition to revitalizing the use of hemp and other eco-friendly natural fiber-based products, we also develop mutually beneficial, long term relationships with clients and partners who value and appreciate our environment friendly products. Customers and clients will appreciate our customer service and support.

We innovate in the modern use of eco-friendly hemp with constant product development and private label production. The very best of our ideas are carried into production with our Hemptique® brand products and

 Hemptique® Apparel & Accessory lines.


The Hemp Gardening Cord - Sage #170 is a great product to use in the garden. You can tie back plants that need a little assistance or just use it to bundle up already picked items. So far I have only been able to use my Hemp Gardening Cord to hold my tomatoes to the post. I have tomatoes only planted in pots in my yard, until the new house is done and I can have a real garden. I like how the cord is Plant Friendly and Biodegradable. I don't have to worry about an odd chemical seeping into my plants. The cord is soft and very easy to work with. My cat even loves to get into the roll (when I left it on the floor) and play around with it. This would be great use for anything you need thick cord for, inside or outside the home. Gardening, Crafting, Packaging wrapping, etc. 
  • 100% HEMP
  • Length: Approximately 41.6 yards / 38 meters
  • Biodegradable & Eco Friendly.

Hemptique designs the finest quality Eco-Chic hemp Cord. It is the perfect choice for your crafting and gardening needs.

Hemptique's Hemp Cord is an Earth-Friendly alternative to using oil-processed rope in your gardening and crafting endeavors. Some of the endless uses of Hemptique Hemp Cord are:

  • Fastening garden & household plants (tomatos, flowers, etc.)
  • Garden birdbath embellishment
  • Hemp Rope wrapped flowerpots
  • Rustic hanging plant holders
  • Decorative garden rope path guides

The Tangerine Sage Soap is like heaven in the form or a bar =)
from the second I opened my box of Hemptique products to that night when I took my shower, I couldn't stop smelling the wonderful Tangerine smell. 
I was in heaven. 
Not only is this a great soap that makes your skin soft and smell great. It's like having a wonderfully fruity smelling air freshener in your bathroom. Each and every time I step into my bathroom I can smell this heavenly sweet scent. 
The bar of soap came packaged as you see to the right & in a white paper bag. The top of the soap has a raw edge with lots of tangerine zest scattered ontop, it smells so good you would think you could take a bite out of it. 

Hemptique Face & Body Handmade Soap - Tangerine Sage

Product Specifications

  • Made with a blend of saponified olive, palm kernel, coconut & hemp oil, shea butter & silk fibers.
  • Scented with frag or essen oils.
  • Weight: 5.4oz
  • No animal products used.

Hemptique's handmade soap has a wonderful, rich, creamy lather which gently cleans and moisturizes your skin. Our elegant Tangerine Sage soap will add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

Bakers Twine - Tiki Bar - 6 Pack comes in this great cardboard type box that makes the twine easy to use. I just started the strand (color) I needed out of the front of the box and pulled till I got my desired length. I am not sure if this is the intended use for the box. But I can say it helped keep the twine from getting tangled & kept it nice and neat.  I love the variety of colors the box came with. So far I have used my twine in tying up the top of a bag of cookies I made for the neighbors. To tie and hold on wax paper for a cake I made at home and brought to work and on gifts I sent my Mom including decorating the card I made her. I can say this Bakers Twine will come in great use in my home. Like I said it will all stay in the box it came in and I have hung the box on our bulletin board in the kitchen, now when I need twine I know right where to go. I give Hemptique Bakers Twine Thumbs Up on the GREATEST PRODUCT for any home. You will find so much use for this box of twine
  • 100% Cotton
  • 2 Ply
  • Length: Approximately 6x20 yards / 6x18.9 meters
  • 1mm thickness
  • Attributes: Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, AZO-Free Dye, and Oil Free.

Hemptique designs the finest quality Eco-Chic cotton cord. It is the perfect choice for your crafting needs.

These beautiful packaged Cotton Bakers Twine packaged options allow the crafter to create a gorgeous landscape of projects. Created with a tropical setting in mind, let your projects bask in the luscious sun of creativity! Hemptique’s Cotton Bakers Twine decorative and strong 2 ply Bakers Twine is the perfect material for scrapbooking and giving the final embellishment to gifts and cards!


One thing I will say that sort of confused me is Hemptique is a site and so is Hemp Trend. From what I gather Hemptique is the site that show's everything and talks about the products and Hemp Trend is where you actually buy the products from. Either way you will find what your looking for. Hemptique has a SHOP button that goes to Hemp Trend. To me confusing but it all goes to the same place in the end. I just thought I would point that out in case you were confused like I was. 

I got this note back from Hemptique today explaining the above. Thought I would share it with you all so your not confused like I was: "Hemptique (us) designs, manufactures, and distributes as a wholesaler. Hemp Trend, which is a different company from us, is an on-line retailer. Hemp Trend has a special place, however, they are our premier on-line retailer and they are literally, figuratively, and geographically very close to us."

On Lucky Simple Side of Life viewer will win the 3 above Hemptique items. 
Good Luck Everyone!