Organic Cotton Women's Lab Coats: 20% Discount

Organic Cotton Women's Lab Coats: 20% Discount

Crooked Brook is offering a 20% discount off all of their Certified 100% Organic Cotton TwillWomen's Lab Coats from with 06/28/14 through 06/12/14 with the 
Discount Code “Organic Cotton Woman’s Lab Coat Discount”.

Crooked Brook lab coats are made to order according to the customer’s style, fit, and fabric specifications. By combining the different options; (fabricbuttons, pocket, collar, cuffs, sleeves and piping) customers can design their own lab coat, or they may order a lab coat the way it appears on their website.

Women’s lab coats are available in numerical sizes 2-26. For women whose size is considered petite or plus size (extra large or over size 20), they recommend that customers call them to discuss their body measurements to ensure a proper fit.

In addition Crooked Brook offer women's lab coats in what they call combination sizes. For example, if a woman's body measurements were 39-31-41 according to their size chart she would be their size 14. However, if her measurements were 39-33-43, she could order a 14 top, 16 bottom women's lab coat.

By using combination sizes, maternity lab coats can be made in any of their women's lab coat styles.

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