FRESH WAVE PEARL Packs ~ Review & Giveaway


Natural Fresh Wave® Pearl Packs fit anywhere odor hides. The perfect odor removing solution for tight, confined or hard-to-access areas, these odor removers work much like our odor control Crystal Gels. Just add a Pearl Pack and allow ambient airflow to spread the odor eliminating power of the Fresh Wave ingredients.

Pearl Packs are great for your car, small trashcans (like the bathroom) and closets. 
I have one in all the above places and they work great to remove the odors. 
Perfect little pouches of odor controlling Crystal Gel, that work perfectly. 

So far, every item I have tried from Fresh Wave works just perfect and as it states. 
I love the idea that all I have to do is put a Pearl Pack in an area that I want to eliminate odors and it works like magic.
It works right away scrubbing the air clean of unwanted odors.  


The compact size and dry formulation make Pearl Packs the ideal odor remover for sweaty shoes, athletic bags and under car seats to remove smoke and fast food odors. You can even use them in your bag-less vacuum cleaner to deodorize vacuum exhaust.

I never thought about putting the Pearl Pack in the fridge, until I went to host this review. Such a good idea. 
The pouches are small and will fit anywhere you need them too. Why not the fridge?

Fresh Wave Pearl Packs are not like air fresheners because instead of covering up odors with masking fragrances (crisp linen; apple cinnamon; etc.), Fresh Wave actually eliminates odors completely. Fresh Wave contains no harsh chemicals and no fake scents - just plant oils and water.

Fresh Wave is a natural product, safe to use anywhere- even near kids and pets. Every product in the Fresh Wave family is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and effective against any odor imaginable.

You will love Fresh Wave Pearl Packs, you can use them ANYWHERE you need odors removed. 


What is Fresh Wave?
Fresh Wave natural odor eliminators are a safe, natural, effective solution to eliminating odors regardless of their cause or location.
How does Fresh Wave work?
Fresh Wave uses the power of nature and science to eliminate odors completely. The science can be somewhat complex: Effectively, all odors are molecular compounds. Fresh Wave products work to break apart the chemical bonds that exist between these molecules, rendering them inert. But the simplicity of the products is knowing you're using a safe and effective odor eliminator that's been tested by a myriad of academic and third-party experts.

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