Siddha Flowers Essence Homeopathic Remedies, Review & Giveaway


I should of had this review up and running a month ago, but I really wanted to try out the Siddha Flower products I received. I have always been skeptical about natural products and especially sprays. Since Siddha Flower products have pretty much no taste,
 I felt like I was just spraying water into my mouth. 
Since using my top 3 FAVORITE Siddha Flower products, Sleep, Emotional Detox & Stress Relief I have felt like a whole new person. Below I will describe each of them in my own thought and in what Siddha states they should do. I am now a TRUE believe in natural spray products and a HUGE believer in Siddha Flower products. I use them 3 days a week and still receiving PERFECT results. 


According to Chinese Medicine, there are both internal and external causes of disease. The external causes include: trauma, infection, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle choices, a harsh working or living environment to name a few.

We also have internal causes of disease and it is said that when it comes to maintaining your longevity, addressing the internal factors is even more important than addressing the external factors.  In this context, longevity is not how long you live…it is how long you maintain your youthfulness.

The internal causes of disease are sometimes know as the 5 Thieves because they rob us of our energy and our youth.  These 5 Thieves are: anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and over-stimulation. Included are all of the variations of these five which means any afflictive emotion that accumulates within the nervous system and degrades organ function over time.

Siddha Flower Essences are here to help you resolve the internal causes of disease. This is how flower essences and homeopathics work. By resolving stress in the nervous system the body has a better change to heal itself on all levels.

Another way to say this is that our nervous system is an electro-chemical entity.  Western medicine does wondrous things addressing the chemical portion of our nervous system.

However, according many forms of traditional medicine that have existed throughout the world for thousands of years, the electrical portion of our nervous system is primary to the chemical.  By resolving things on a more subtle electrical / energetic level we are taking care of ourselves from the inside out.  This is the essence of preventative healthcare.

Flower essences, homeopathy and other forms of these time tested medicines like acupuncture primarily treat the electrical portion of our nervous system.



I am going to start this with my FAVORITE of all the Siddha products I tried. SLEEP.... I need serious help with sleeping. I am one of those people that falls asleep on the couch during a movie or even t.v. show after dinner, yet once I lay my head down on my pillow i'm wide awake. Even after I finally fall asleep in bed I wake all through the night, tossing and turning. I believe I average 3-4 hours a sleep per night. I have tried everything. Sleeping pills, syrups, teas and even went to the doctor that signed me up for a sleep study (of course I never went). Finally I just gave up and figured some sleep is better then no sleep and I just made it work. 
Siddha included SLEEP in my box of samples. Now this is not a over night cure. It took some time. This is why I took so long writing this review. I truly wanted to try these products out to give my honest thoughts. After night one I did wake more rested and happy. I knew I slept most of the night, of course I still woke some and tossed and turned. But I was well rested in the morning. Day 2, 5 sprays under my tongue when I went to bed. Huge improvement from day 1. I only remember waking once and I made it all day without feeling groggy and felt all around more rested and happy. After about 3 weeks of using Siddha Sleep almost every night, I did take breaks on weekends I have now been sleeping all night. If I do get up it's only for a few minutes and I fall right back asleep. I love this stuff. I am a true believer now of natural sprays. 
Sleep is not meant to knock you out like a sleeping pill and its effectiveness increases with usage and time. Unlike pharmaceuticals that produce instant but short term results, Sleep is designed to gradually release the stress and anxiety that prevents you from falling asleep naturally.

•  There may be a short period where the amount of stress being released causes difficulty in falling asleep. If this condition persists, taking it in the morning may be more effective, allowing the body to release the stress that prevents it from naturally shifting into sleep.

•  Taking Sleep in the middle of the day will not cause sudden drowsiness (unless substantial sleep deprivation is a factor). Rather it will encourage relaxation and calmness throughout the day.

•  In the beginning, Sleep may sometimes cause one to wake up in the middle of the night. Another dose is usually just what is needed to fall back asleep.

•  Morning grogginess after taking Sleep may be an indication that you just need more sleep. Unfortunately, getting as much sleep as our bodies need is not always possible. However this product should help in finding a balance between restful sleep and productive days.

•  Many women who are experiencing hormonal shifts such as during menopause find that Female Balance helps them sleep better than Sleep.


Emotional Detox is another must have from Siddha. I use this a few times a week on my bad days. My job is very stressful some night I come home and just want to be done working. I think if I find a new job it will be better, but I know that's not true. So now I de-stress my evening by sitting around, relaxing, watching a favorite tv show or playing with the dogs, then at bedtime I useSiddha Emotional Detox and when I wake up I feel like all the day before troubles went away. I am more refreshed and just seem to be happy.It's like Emotional Detox clears your mind while you sleep, this stuff is great. 
I do not use Emotional Detox every night. Only on really bad days. 

• An excellent application of Emotional Detox is after a “rough” day. It helps erase the emotional charge of the previous day so you can wake up feeling like you have hit the “reset button.” Even if the stress still persists, the emotional reaction to the situation should be reduced.

• It is much better to release deep-seated stress at night when the body has an opportunity to process during sleep.

• Some customers experience vivid dreams or simply sleep very deeply. Others can have restless nights of sleep. If one’s sleep is too disturbed simply take Emotional Detox less frequently.

• You might experience grogginess for a few minutes upon waking up. However, once the day begins, you should feel clearer.

• Everyone varies in the amounts of stress to process depending on the day or month. You can take Emotional Detox as little as once a week, and over time will still get substantial results.


Stress Relief is my 3rd favorite Siddha product. It can be used anytime of the day. When your days just going crazy and your impatient and restless Stress Relief seems to just calm you down and help you get though it. 

Stress Relief can be used throughout the day when life is getting hectic, up to five times a day.

• This is an excellent remedy to use in combination with other Foundational Remedy, Emotional Detox. Detox can release a lot of deep-seated stress while you sleep.  Relief then helps integrate and soothe after a night of Detox.

• Perfect for people who are “frazzled” and want to try something but have no specific complaint.

• Like all of our products, Stress Relief can be used long term with no ill effects. In fact, it works progressively and cumulatively to clear stress from every nook and cranny. Because of its general nature, Stress Relief can truly be used for all kinds of stress. However, targeted remedies yield quicker results in more specific ways.

• Many times as we return to balance, we forget how out of balance we were. It is often our friends, family, coworkers and those around us who notice that we’re not as stressed, anxious and reactive as we used to be. They are often the first recipients of greater clarity, peace of mind and general ease in life.

I love that these sprays are just natural products. I know I was so skeptical in the beginning. But now like I said before I am such a true believer and I am putting something that I know what each and every ingredient is into my body. The BEST part is they work. Each and every Siddha product did what it states on the package plus more. Plus they are all non habit forming and you can use them with your other daily medications. 


I get VERY moody for no reason during the day. Usually when i'm getting hungry or skipped lunch. My boyfriend and my boss both see this almost daily with me. My boss has now learned no matter when were in the middle of doing for the day or how busy we might get on a project she needs to give me a little "me" time and make sure I have some lunch. My boyfriend too will tell me (when I get angry) do you need a snickers bar. I have been using Siddha Blood Sugar almost daily.With breakfast and lunch or sometimes dinner I spray 5 sprays into my mouth. I have noticed my mood swings are less now. Even the people around me have noticed. I don't crave odd things like I used to, like salt and sugar and all around I am just easier to be around. It's just calmed me down. Maybe the combination of Blood Sugar and me eating meals when I should before my body is beyond that point has just helped me out over all. Blood Sugar also seems to help me stay out of a fog. I think the combination of my above favorite Siddha products with Blood Sugar has changed who I was. I am more pleasant to be around, less tired, not in a daze or fog all day and just more cheerful. I used to always find myself hungry at odd times of the day. Sometimes I would eat when I was, others I just ignored it. Now I just eat my normal 3 meals a day, sometimes small snacks in-between, when needed. 

 Many people experience mood and energy fluctuations that are directly tied to blood sugar levels. While most of these fluctuations are attributable to dietary choices, Sidda Blood Sugar can ease these swings and help reduce sugar cravings. Over time, it becomes easier to make better food choices.

• If you have several issues regarding digestion and blood sugar, we recommend that you begin with one formula for at least two weeks. After two weeks you could add the other formula and take them both twice per day, five days a week with a three hour separation between uses.


I did not review Digest but here is what Siddha has to say:

Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

• Indigestion

• Heartburn

• Stomachache

• Abnormal appetite

• Nausea

• Feeling overwhelmed

Sidda Digest eases the neural inhibition throughout the abdomen that leads to impaired digestion, absorption and elimination, emotional restriction throughout the core muscles and overall emotional instability.

• There are more nerve endings in the small intestine than in the spine. By improving the integration of the nerves of this “enteric brain,” Sidda Digest alleviates some of the deepest causes of digestive imbalance.

• For nervousness leading to digestion problems and feelings of being ungrounded.

• Good for people who can’t eat or tend to overeat due to stress. For those under a lot of pressure whose stress and anxiety “hits them in the gut.”

• For “butterflies” in the stomach / stress-fueled constipation or diarrhea.

• For people with a sluggish or weak digestion who are trying to lose weight.

• Intestines (small and large) are lined by smooth muscle which can become tense, tight and restricted due to stress. This reduces circulation, oxygenation, nutrient supply and waste removal. This reduction leads to an overall decline in digestive functioning.


I did not review Female Balance. But this is what Siddha says about it:

Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

• Menstrual cramps

• Hot flashes

• Irritability

• Headaches

• Irregular menses

• Resistance to motherly giving

Female Balance addresses the complexity and intricacy of the female body by resolving psychological, emotional and energetic obstructions specific to women.

• As the stress that impedes optimal functioning is reduced, one of the positive effects that can occur is a lighter cycle.

Female Balance is an effective general remedy for women’s physical, mental, and emotional well being.

• Safe and designed for use during pregnancy, breast feeding, and pre-conception.

• Helps women settle into the female form and become comfortable with being a woman, especially for transitional periods such as puberty, motherhood and menopause.

Female Balance can offer relief from stress, detoxify, enhance digestion, etc. However, other remedies that are more specific (i.e. Sidda Detox, Sidda Digest, etc.) will get faster results.

• Generally great for women to get “grounded” and “centered.”


I did not review Healthy Hair, here is what Siddha had to say:

Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

• Hair falling out

• Dandruff

• Itchy scalp

• Tension in scalp

• Not trusting one’s intuition
This product was developed to ease hair loss. People generally see a reduction in hair loss within two or three weeks.

Healthy Hair does require a commitment, but no more than other options on the market. Healthy Hair is all-natural and has no negative side effects.

• After it has been on the scalp for just a few seconds, its effectiveness can’t be washed away by a shower, rain or sweat.

Healthy Hair works by resolving the blockages that lead to hair loss on the scalp so there is no need to worry about it working where it is not supposed to.


I did not review Hearing, but here is what Siddha has to say:

Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

• Occassional earache

• Ringing, buzzing or humming in ears

• Earache from congestion

• Pulsation in ear

• Difficulty listening to others

Sidda Hearing improves the brain’s ability to integrate the nerves of the outer and inner ear in order to alleviate some of the deepest causes of hearing imbalance.

• Beyond the release of stress relating to the sense of hearing, Sidda Hearing can help people listen more actively, with less reactivity, and fewer emotional filters.


Siddha Heart is another great product. If you have indecision, melancholy or anxiety in the heart, you need Siddha Heart. I have used this daily after my 1st week of starting Siddha products. I use it morning and night. With the other 4 Siddha products iv'e been using daily this is just another one that I can tell is working. I just overall  feel i'm in a good mental space. I can't sit here and pinpoint what Siddha spray is doing what for me. But I will say that the way I was feeling before starting all these sprays is totally different then the way I am feeling now. I am a more relaxed and all there person. I always felt like I was in a daze, like my head was in a cloud. I am not that way anymore. Only thing I have changed in my daily life is adding Siddha to my daily routine. 

• Although Sidda Heart is a subtle remedy, subtle does not mean weak. This is a powerful formula that can balance the heart.

• Excellent for heavy “intellectual” types; people who are too much in their head and not enough in their heart. Sidda Heart may sometimes bring emotions to the surface but most of the time it helps one get into a good mental space, relaxed and open. In this regard it can be thought of as a more advanced version of  Stress Relief.

Sidda Heart is the remedy of choice for practitioners and those interacting with lots of people on a daily basis. It can increase energy levels and help people not feel drained after working with many clients or customers. Although Sidda Heart increases sensitivity and intuition, it also helps create clearer boundaries so another’s stress does not become your own.

Sidda Heart is also good for yoga practitioners who want more openness and flexibility in the chest.


I did not review Lung & Sinus, but here is what Siddha had to say:

Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

• Cough

• Stuffy head

• Runny nose

• Congestion of lungs

• Thick mucus

• Sadness

• When we don’t breathe with ease and depth, our entire body suffers from lower levels of oxygen and energy. Shallow breathing lowers the efficiency of all other systems in the body and is directly related to acidic pH. Sidda Lung & Sinus improves neural integration of the respiratory passages which can dramatically increase oxygenation throughout the entire body.

• Common colds and allergies related to breathing such as hay fever, seasonal allergies, sinus inflammation, post-nasal drip, and stuffy head can be more quickly resolved when the stress that impedes optimal lung functioning is resolved.

• Also great for meditators, yogis, and other athletes concerned with improving lung capacity.

I would of loved to of tried Lung & Sinus. I have horrible sinus issues, have already had 2 sinus surgeries and am due for another one in a few weeks, that i'm trying to put off as long as I can. It would be great to see how well Lung & Sinus works for someone like me. I am sure just as good as the rest of Siddha products. EXCELLENT! To get rid of sinus problems without surgery would be a dream, or just to have no stuffy head on a daily basis. Wow!!! That would be the coolest thing. I don't think iv'e know a day like that in years. 


Great Just for Males Product from Siddha:

Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

• Diminished sexual power

• Weakness or absence of sexual desire

• Weak and tired

• Headaches

• Lack of confidence

• Weakness of will

• By releasing toxicity in the pelvic area and removing emotional blockages relating to sexuality, Male Virility sets the stage for optimal sexual function and restoration of youthful vigor.

• For men who want to be “grounded” and “centered.”

• It helps men settle into the male form and be comfortable with being men, especially during puberty and middle age.

• Unlike Female Balance which is a universal remedy for women, Male Virility specifically addresses tension and stress in the pelvic region This is not just for men with sexual functioning issues; this is for all men who want better sex. This remedy also improves Taoist and Tantric sexual practices and makes them more available and natural.

• The effectiveness of Male Virility increases with usage and time; its potency builds with repeated use. The pharmaceuticals and herbal supplements that are widely available today produce instant but short-term results. They force the body to do something that it does not have the resources to do on its own. As soon as someone decides that they don’t want to keep using those drugs or supplements, they will find themselves right back where they started.


I did not receive Siddah Sight, but my boss purchased it soon after I started using Siddha sprays.. Siddha states that Sight will Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

•  Light sensitivity

•  Dull vision

•  Poor night vision

•  Blurred vision after straining eyes

•  Repeating same mistakes

Indications are based on homeopathic materia medica, not clinical tests.

Since my 82 year old boss started using Sight, she has noticed she has less dull vision. She did state that the days she doesn't use the spray she notices her vision is not as clear. So she is trying her best to use it daily. Her only drawback is the push down to spray the liquid into her mouth at night is hard for her to use. But remember she is 82 and lots of things are harder for her to use now. She doesn't like me spraying it for her since she likes to do things on her own. She states that she likes the fact that Siddha products are natural since she already puts so many other things into her body daily, it's nice to have something that you can actually read the label and know what your getting. She has horrible eye issues too, from dry eyes, dull vision, blurry eyes, poor night vision and eye strain. She does like what's she's noticed so far from using the spray and says she will continue using it. 

•  Sidda Sight resolves neural restrictions and blockages relating to the eyes, the optic nerve and the visual processing center of the brain.

•  Sidda Sight strengthens vision for both near and farsightedness, encourages the removal of physical toxins from the eyes and reduces the impact of aging on the sense of sight.


I have horrible arthritis in my left thumb. As some of you know I had surgery a while back for part of my arthritis that was more in my left elbow and arm. Soon I will have my thumb done, just putting it off as long as I can. ( I am VERY claustrophobic and will have to wear a cast for months) In the meantime I have been using Siddha Muscle & Joints for about 3 weeks now. Before I had horrible inflammation  of the joints plus by the end of the day some swelling. You can use muscle & joint by spraying it directly on the desired area or 5 sprays in the mouth daily. I prefer the daily 5 sprays in my mouth. It took about 8 days before I noticed less inflammation and the daily swelling was pretty much gone. I am now using the spray 5 days a week, I skip weekends. The results continue to be effective and as far as i'm concerned I will continue to put off the surgery. My doctor says otherwise (and I know he is right) but till it starts to get bad again, I am putting it off for my own sanity. 
Siddha Muscle & Joint states that some users might be slightly restless for the first week of use because senses can be heightened. This usually passes fairly quickly. This happened to me, but went away within a few days. 

•  Muscles&Joints was originally developed for martial arts to enhance athletic flow. Fluid motion, grace and coordination are abilities that all of us have to a greater or lesser degree. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, there is always room for improved flexibility, range of motion and a deeper mind-body connection.

•  You may be able to get immediate or short-term relief by applyingMuscles&Joints externally. However, for the best long-term results Muscles&Joints should be sprayed under the tongue as directed on the bottle.

•  A few people may be slightly restless for the first week of use because senses can be heightened. This usually passes fairly quickly.

•  Muscles&Joints wakes up the body’s “inner doctor” and encourages movement. Do not take Muscles&Joints and live a sedentary lifestyle. Not moving when your body is telling you to move may result in minor anxiety.

•  Great for sports, dance, walking, hiking, restless leg syndrome and travel when long periods of sitting creates stiffness.


I did not try Teeth & Gums but here is what Siddha has to say:
Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

•  Sensitive teeth

•  Toothache

•  Bleeding gums

•  Inflamed gums

•  Brittle dental enamel

•  Offensive breath

Indications are based on homeopathic materia medica, not clinical tests.

• By improving the brain’s ability to integrate the nerves of the jaw, teeth and gums, Sidda Teeth&Gums alleviates some of the deepest causes of dental imbalance.

 • Teeth&Gums addresses a number of issues related to oral health including: tooth aches, tooth decay, inflamed, bleeding and receding gums.


I did not try Throat & Voice, but here is what Siddha has to say:
Temporarily relieves symptoms of :

•  Sore throat

•  Congested throat

•  Loss of voice from strain

•  Dry throat

•  Swollen throat

•  Occasional speech difficulties

• When stress is released, blood flow and oxygenation improve, nutrient supply increases and the removal of toxins accelerates. When the right conditions are available, the body naturally restores itself.

 • Very helpful for singers, speakers and performers because Sidda Throat&Voice increases resonance and projection.

 • Throat&Voice relaxes people who are generally nervous and uncomfortable speaking, especially in public settings. Reduces anxiety or stress in saying what you feel or speaking your truth.

 • Releases stress associated with the neck, throat and jaw that could lead to: neck pain, laryngitis or hypo- or hyperthyroidism.

 • Throat&Voice can help people listen more actively and choose appropriate words and tone to convey meaning and intent.


I thought I got Youthful Skin, but I don't see it anywhere at my house, so maybe I just thought I did, or I just liked the pretty sunflower on the box and made me think I had seen it before. Either way, here is what Siddha has to say about Youthful Skin. I am guessing this is a must and most wanted spray Siddha sells. It's something I could use. 

Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

•  Unhealthy looking skin

•  Mild acne and pimples

•  Dry skin

•  Scars

•  Itchy skin

•  Eczema
• As the stress that impedes full circulation to the skin is released and blood flow increases, accumulated toxins may be released. In some cases this leads to a breakout. This healing reaction should not last more than a couple of days, and Youthful Skin should not be used during this time. Expect it to be followed by healthier, more radiant skin.

• For some women, hormone cycles and imbalances play an important role in the condition of their skin. In these cases, Youthful Skin may help, but Female Balance should be more effective.

• For other women, the accumulation of various kinds of toxicity in their body may be a primary consideration for their skin health. In these cases Youthful Skin may help, but Sidda Detox is a better choice.

• Originally developed to address minor trauma resulting from martial arts practice: small cuts, scrapes, bruises, and bumps. However, Youthful Skin was quickly found to be even more effective for aesthetic applications.

Just a note: When I started Siddha Flower, after receiving my box in the mail, I was told to start with Siddha Emotional Detox, to get my body started and ready to start using the rest of the Siddha sprays....I am not 100% sure if this is needed but I went ahead and started with it anyways. Now onto my honest thoughts......Like I have said over and over in this review......I can't sit here and pinpoint what Siddha spray is doing what for me. But I will say that the way I was feeling before starting all these sprays is totally different then the way I am feeling now. I am a more relaxed and  feel that I am more with it, not such in a daze. I always felt like I was in a daze, like my head was in a cloud. I am not that way anymore. Only thing I have changed in my daily life is adding Siddha to my daily routine. 
I am now a TRUE believer in "natural products" and Siddha has made me that way. I will forever use these sprays for the things I know I can change in my life to make me a better me. 
The $21.95 price tag per spray is a small fee to pay to feel like yourself again. Plus your adding natural things into your body that aren't habit forming and have no side effects. You can add ALL Siddha sprays along with your daily prescription medications. Hopefully Siddha sprays will help you get off some of your daily prescriptions that you might be taking. You will see a difference. You just have to give it a try. Trust me, of all the products I have reviewed here and on the Sample Train, Siddha Flower  is by far my FAVORITE and has changed me all around to be the BEST ME I can be. I am usually not such a big fan of everything I try. Somethings might feel like they work for a few days, but within days or weeks of using them the newness wears off and it's like i'm not even trying that product anymore. With Siddha that newness and excitement continues from day one to now day 23. This is the first product I have continued to use after reviewing. That is what took me so long to get this review written. I felt bad doing that, but I was so happy with my results I had to keep "testing" them to make sure it wasn't a fluke. 
Please if you have anything you want to change for yourself that Siddha Flower has a spray for, don't wait to see if you win this review, order it now. You will be so happy with the "change" you see. Everyone has something wrong with them, that much I believe. but why not change it....

Enter below one lucky guest will receive my 3 top favorites from Siddha, Sleep, Emotional Detox & Stress Relief and a few extras that they decide to throw in. Siddha also offers Pet and Children's sprays, you can check those out online HERE
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