Sunsect Insect Repellent & Sunscreen Review & 3 Giveaways


If your an outdoor person, like to hike, camp, fish, kayak or pretty much any outdoor fun you need this product. 
Even just being in  your backyard enjoying the evenings cooler temperatures 
Sunsect should be a must have for adults and children. 
I have been using Sunsect for a little over a month now and love that I can go outside and not be bitten by mosquitoes. I could be outside with a crowd of people that have no issues with mosquitoes and somehow they all swarm to me and start biting every piece of flesh they can find. I am like a mosquito magnet.  
Since using Sunsect I don't have to worry about being attacked. I can enjoy the outdoors bite free. 

On a weekend hike I now apply Sunsect before I leave the house, I am getting two benefits in one. First I get the SPF 15 UV protection that I need and I get the piece of mind that I won't come home covered in bites. 

Sunsect is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and non-greasy. You can't even tell you applied it to your skin. It has no odor and glides on smooth and easily. 


Today's active lifestyles put a premium on convenience and quality. Customers, educated about the dangers of overexposure to the sun and the hazards of insect-borne disease, demand products proven to be safe and effective. Sunsect® sunscreen/insect repellent exceeds those needs. It outperforms competitors with patented proprietary formulas, and dermatologists often recommend our product by name.

Most people have no idea that using insect repellent and sunscreen together actually deactivate each other by up to 50%.  However, that is not a problem for Sunsect.  Sunsect is a patented insect repellent + sunscreen (DEET is our active ingredient) combination product that provides lasting protection against biting insects and damaging sunrays. Trusted by the U.S. military for 15 + years, Sunsect is now available to the general public. It repels mosquitoes, ticks, no-see-ums, black flies, sand gnats, gnats, chiggers, chitras and other disease-carrying, biting insects. It is safe for children, unscented, non-greasy, water resistant, dries clear and lasts for hours. Sunsect is Made in the USA!

Sunsect was originally developed for military use and rigorously tested in diverse environments the world over. The U.S. military has used Sunsect for more than 15 years both at home and abroad in war zones such as Kosovo, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq. Sunsect is included as an essential element in our soldier's survival packs as a vital agent in the prevention of arthropod born infections such as Chikungunya, Denge fever, Lassa fever, Leishmaniasis, West Nile disease, Lyme disease, malaria and the encephalitides.

Made in the USA

Prior to its approval and utilization the U.S. military extensively tested Sunsect using exacting and stringent criteria in all hostile environments into which our soldiers could be deployed including Thailand, Egypt and Korea as well as domestically in Alaska, the Florida Everglades and Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp.

World-class research and proprietary chemistry enabled Iguana, LLC to create Sunsect, the world's first and only water resistent sunscreen/insect repellent combination product, and proved that if used individually without our special formulations each component would actually destabilize the other severely. These findings were accepted and published in Lancet, a world renowned British Medical Journal and won Iguana, LLC a prestigious military award for patriotism.

There is no superior combination product on the market anywhere in the world that can make these claims. Now, Iguana, LLC is bringing Sunsect to the general public so that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors with the same level of safety enjoyed by our military for over 15 years.


If you do anything outdoors and want to keep mosquito's 
away get Sunsect you will be happy you did. 
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