ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee........ Review & Giveaway


This was supposed to be a Father's Day review. As you can see Father's Day has passed long ago and we are almost onto Thanksgiving and Christmas. I sort of lost track of this review. I usually write them all down in a book as they come in the mail and add if there is a special time the company want's it posted. For some reason I forgot to write down this review. I am so sorryToiletTree Products. You know I love your products and feel really bad that I am just now getting this done. We have been using the mirror daily so why I just thought about not ever doing this review till today, I don't know.. But I will make it the BEST REVIEW EVER... Not only because I feel bad, 
but because ToiletTree Products are the BEST shower products EVER!

My boyfriend loves this mirror. He used to shave at the sink after a shower but said his face would hurt afterwards and that if he had a mirror in the shower and all the steam from the hot water that he would get a better shave. Since we added ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror into our shower he hasn't complained once about his face hurting after a shave. I love that he leaves no mess at the bathroom sink now. 
I even use the shower mirror from time to time. Sometimes when I have lots of eye makeup on, I would get out of the shower to find out it's still all over my face, making me look like a raccoon. Now I can look at myself while washing my face to make sure I got it all off and I don't look silly. Same thing with some of those stubborn face masks. Every weekend about 30 minutes before bed I apply the same face mask, that is very dark gray. When I used to go wash it off with my nightly before bed shower I would still have bits and pieces left all over my face when done. Now I can simply just look at myself in my ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror. Just like that, 
I am able to get all the face mask off while in the shower. 


Fogless Mirror Squeegee

Fogless Mirror Reservoir (top looking down)
This fogless mirror is Guaranteed to remain fogless for life.
It's so simple to use. 
When you first receive the mirror figure out where you want to put it in your shower. 

Use the silicone glue (included) and attach the bracket to your wall. 
As you can see in the pictures we didn't attach ours to the wall, only because we are getting ready to re-seal our stone and didn't want to take it down and put it back up, along with other 
ToiletTree Products we have already in our shower. 
After the silicone has dried (we gave our other products 24 hours to dry) attach mirror to the bracket. Easy, Fast and now your Fogless Shower Mirror is ready to use. 

Once you actually get in the shower, simply take the mirror off the bracket, add hot water to the back and re-apply it to the bracket. Or in my shower I just take the handheld faucet off the wall and fill the back of the mirror.
Only when i'm done showering do I take the mirror off and pour the water out.
The glass is made of shatter proof high quality acrylic. 
It will adhere to virtually any wall surface with removable silicone adhesive that will not damage tiles or shower walls! The easily adjustable bracket accommodates multiple users and angles. As you can see I have slate tile that is very bumpy and the mirror stays attached to my wall just fine.  I also have the ToiletTree STORMp3 Water Resistant Speaker that has been 

attached to my wall for almost a year with no issues. 

The mirror has a built-in shelf that stores your razor, sponge or tweezers. A self-stored squeegee is included to wipe away excess water drops from the front of your mirror.Designed not to rust, discolor or damage bathroom surfaces.


The Fogless Shower Mirror comes in Black, White and Silver, so you can make it match to any shower area you have. 
Since Dermatologists always recommend performing your daily skin care regimen in the shower to help promote healthier looking skin. The combination of heat and moisture opens your pores and creates the best environment for shaving, exfoliating, tweezing, and cleansing.This fogless shower mirror from 
ToiletTree Products is the right thing to preform these regimens. 

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