Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Fresh Wave, Review & Giveaway


Being a HUGE fan of Fresh Wave products.
I was excited when I found out they have NEW Fresh Wave products that are exclusive only at Target stores. 
Even the packaging is NEW. 
How exciting!


Each and Every product I receive I review. I give it time, try it out, taste it, smell it, drink it, use it.Whatever I need to do to review it I do.  Some I don't like as much as others, some I continue to buy after reviewing and some I just can't live without.
Fresh Wave is one of those I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT. It works exactly as described, is Natural and doesn't have any over powering perfume odors like most products of this type do. In fact, it doesn't really have a smell at all. It just TAKES the smells away, and IT WORKS. 

As some of you know, my boyfriend and I remodeled an older home all of last year. It's finally done, but after settling in we realized we should of done something different upstairs. There is an odd odor, sort of musty and sort of sour. Not too overpowering or strong, but more noticeable on super hot days or when we close the upstairs windows when it's too cold or raining. A while back I messaged someone iv'e grown to really like at Fresh Wave to ask what she recommend or thought we should do. Next thing I knew I had a package sitting at my door full of WONDERFUL Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Containers. <3 See why I like her so much <3, after sticking 2 upstairs, shutting the windows and not turning the AC on and leaving the room alone for 2 days, since at that time we didn't really use the upstairs, except for laundry. I went up there two days later and the odors were GONE!
I was so impressed. From day one it's smelled up there and now it doesn't. I hated having to go up and do laundry, unless those windows were wide open. But now that odor is gone, so gone, that we actually moved our bedroom up there a few weekend ago. I keep a fresh Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Container sitting on my nightstand at all time, just in case.. so that yucky odor can't come back. No matter if we shut the windows, leave them open, it get's hot or cold the smell NEVER has come back. I thank this all to Fresh Wave

This stuff REALLY WORKS!

and NOW you can get it at Target. So your home can be Happy, Healthy, Odor - Free. 




odor-removing Spray
Spray away odors like you mean it. Don't cover them up! Our spray can be used on clothing, pet bedding, backpacks, sports gear, shoes and trash cans. Just to name a few. "How?" you ask. Just shake. Spray. Smile. For stronger odors, a few more spritzes will do the trick. When you smell "fresh air,” it’s working. Really. It’s that easy. (Hint: For special materials, like silk, try a little test to avoid water spotting.)

I keep mine in the bathroom, great for taking away bathroom odors and fast. Just one spray is all you need. I also spray it into the bathroom trashcans when we take the trash out, just to help any odors that maybe in there. 
Another great use for the odor-removing spray, skunk smells. We have a horrible skunk problem. I think they love our dog Molly, she runs outside to bark at them and they spray. Luckily at this house, she has never been sprayed (yet) since we leave most of our windows open now with the cooler evening temperatures, that skunk smells comes right into the house. YUCK! All it takes is 1-2 sprays of Fresh Wave odor-removing spray and the smell goes away. It's wonderful, works fast and has no smell of it's own. 

This is that WONDERFUL gel container I was talking about. Our upstairs is a decent size room, maybe 400 sq feet and one container does the job. Mine lasts about 40 days. I just peek into the top from time to time to see if there's still gel in it. 
It also works great in the bathroom, near a cat box or in a mudroom where stinky shoes, jackets and backpacks go. 

odor-removing Gel
Have a whole room that stinks? Or a mighty powerful litter box? You’ll need our Gel. Just open the lid and remove the seal. Replace slotted lid and place gel where odors are strongest. Sniff. Smile. Repeat every 30-60 days. (Hint: The gel will disappear as it evaporates.)



odor-removing Packs
Funny how small spaces can sometimes have a huge odor. Kind of funny, not so funny, huh? Our Fresh Wave packs are great for those situations like car interiors, gym bags, shoes, closets, boats, campers, bagless vacuums, trash cans and that oh-so-powerful diaper pail—just to name a few. Toss them in and toss those odors out. And when you only need one or two packs to do the job, just reseal the bag to keep the other packs smelling freshtastic. Boom! Future odor problem solved.

EXCELLENT for trash cans. Just drop one in,nothing more...  I change it out every month. They sometimes last longer, but I just have a habit at the end of the month I clean ac filters, Fresh Wave odor-removing packs, wash out trash cans & wash the inside of my windows. It's now a habit. These little packets fight big odors.

Everybody has bad smells in their life. From the bathroom, kitchen and diaper pail to sports equipment and the car, not-so-nice smells are a not-so-wonderful fact of life. But here’s another fact. You don’t need harsh chemicals or heavily perfumed air fresheners to get rid of the stink. Not when you’ve got Fresh Wave.

Fresh Wave® natural odor-removing products use simple, pure and natural ingredients — water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood — to get rid of organic and inorganic odors. As in gone. Adios. Good-bye. Rather than covering up odors with perfumes and chemicals, our products actually make the odor molecules disappear. So when we say that odor is outta here…we’re not kidding. 

They aren't kidding.. take the advice from an actual customer, not just a reviewer. This stuff works, it leaves NO perfume odors or strong scents... It just takes away odors. No matter what that bad smell is Fresh Wave has a product to take it away. Once you try it you will fall in love like I did. Fresh Wave will become a every day in your home. 
Now that you can get it at Target it's easier then ever to give it a try... CLICK HERE to find a Target Store near you that carries Fresh Wave.

Fresh Wave product would make good stocking stuffers or get the whole set listed above for someone you love. College students living in a dorm, your child's teacher ~ for the classroom, a friend that has a stinky home due to pets or something else (it would be a  hint, and they will appreciate it in the end) Or just about anyone. 

Enter below, one lucky viewers will get all 3 from Fresh Wave, along with a cute bag that I use to keep my work snacks in.