Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market Review with Giveaway



After reading the below (About Kauffman's "Family Orchard") I realized why not only did they have wonderful customer service but also WONDERFUL products. I received three yummy items to review from Kauffman's and I have to say they are some of the BEST apple products I have ever tried. If you follow my personal Facebook you all know I love cooking. I recently made apple butter, apple pies, peach jam and peach muffins all from our tree's... But I have come to find out I am not the best apple products maker out there. Kauffman's is.. Below is a little about them:

Kauffman's "Family Orchard" products have been recognized and enjoyed since the early 1900's. Founder Amos L. Kauffman planted the first fruit trees in 1911, and today the 3rd, 4th, & 5th generations own & operate the business.

Their warehouse and country market are located in the heart of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country. Their nearby orchards produce over 135 varieties of tree fruits on 100 acres and are managed with a visionary focus that watches changing consumer needs and national market conditions.

If you go to OUR FAMILY link you can see each of the Kauffman's families. 
They are full of beautiful children and all look so happy. 




Thisapple butter is EXCELLENT. Way better then the apple butter I made/canned last week.
It's smooth, not too sweet and packed full of a wonderful apple Flavor. This is one creamy spread.
When I read the ingredients I was amazed. Only 4 things make up this wonderful spread.
Fresh Apples, Apple Cider, Sugar and Cinnamon. Kauffman's has been making this recipe since 1915.

I love apple butter on homemade biscuits, especially when they are fresh out of the oven and still warm. The apple butter get's into the fluffy layers of the biscuit and when you bite into your biscuit it melts on your mouth. YUMMY!
Kauffman's Apple Butter has got to be one of the BEST apple butter I have ever had. Tomorrow I am making potato pancakes for breakfast and using this apple butter as the topping. My second favorite way to eat it.

This would made a PERFECT stocking stuffer gift. For $8.53 you get a pack of 2.
This is a really good deal!

If I ate pork I bet this would be so good with a pork chop. But I don't eat pork. I just know anything apple goes good with pork chops. But this All Natural Apple Butter BBQ Sauce also goes excellent with a grilled chicken breast. It's both sweet and tangy and has a wonderful taste of apples butter. . The BBQ sauce has the perfect consistency that you can brush it on your meat while cooking or just use afterwards as a dipping sauce. It's creamy, sweet and YUMMY!  Either way or both will make your chicken or pork taste even better, even beef. We had this along with skewers of tender chicken breasts, grilled zucchini, rice and salad. It was a yummy dipping sauce with our meal.
For $6.72 you get a 15 oz. glass jar.
If you are putting together a gift basket for the holidays this would make a perfect addition.

Since we have a tree full of apples still and I have done all the canning I can do it's nice to make
something different and delicious with them.
Friday I made this wonderful Apple Crisp from the Kauffman's Apple Crisp Mix.
It was so easy to use, all you need to do is cut up your apples.
The mix has mixing and baking directions on the back panel. Since most of the work is done for you all you need to really do is  add the ingredients , bake for thirty minutes and... presto, you have a hearty and
delicious apple crisp dish for everyone to enjoy.

$6.32 you get one packet of this wonderful Apple Crisp Mix
Would go great in a stocking or Gift Basket.


Kauffman's is celebrating their 100 Year Anniversary.
If your looking for fun, yummy and different products for Holiday Gift Giving, you found the right site.
Their items would go great in a food gift basket. Or you can use an individual item as a stocking stuffer.
Check out Kauffman's whole site, they have lots of goodies to choose from.

Enter below for your chance to win the EXCELLENT
All Natural Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

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