Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ The Pantry Club, Gourmet Dip Mixes, Spices & Seasonings Review & Giveaway


 The Pantry Club is a new company to me. I have never used or reviewed their products before. But so happy they gave me a chance to. I am a big fan of dips and anything that is natural and gluten free. (not all are gluten free)
Not only are these packets of yummy dip mixes but you can use them as a gourmet spices for a special meal your making.
I used mine tonight as a sauce for some yummy pita kabobs
I made and let me say
it was delicious and added that extra touch our meal needed.
I want to not that The Pantry Club sells other item's besides the Gourmet Dip Mixes. But since I have only tried the mixes that is what I am basing my review off of. Maybe in the future I can worth with them again on another product. But please check them out for other yummy things. I notice it would all be      PERFET for holiday gatherings.
           Dips, Cheeses Balls, Marinades, Warm Appetizer Mixes


I received this 6 pack of Gourmet Dip Mixes.
The standard 6-Pack includes Chipotle Chile, Tomato Pesto, Bacon Cheddar, Onion Chive, Sesame Garlic, and Cucumber Dill. Or if you want you can customize your choices! Pick 6 of your favorite dip mix flavors during checkout or even choose multiples of the same flavor

The flavors to choose from are:
Chipotle Chili
Cucumber Dill
Onion Chive
Sesame Garlic
Garden Ranch
Tomato Pesto
Buffalo Blue
Bacon Cheddar

*ALL are Gluten Free but the Bacon Cheddar*

For $18.00 I feel this is a really good deal. Not only do the packets make a large amount of dip, but they're also very tasty. So far I have made the Cucumber Dill, Onion Chive and Buffalo Bleu. Each tasted just like the name. ALL EXCELLENT!

All you need is the packet of spices,  2 cups of sour cream and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Since I can't stand the taste and texture of sour cream I used plain Greek yogurt. To me it turned out the same, just maybe a little thicker.
You can also use, plain yogurt, softened cream cheese or plain Hummus. All would be excellent.
Mix well. Cover and chill 1-2 hours.

I served my Buffalo Blue with plain chicken wings, celery and carrots. We dipped the wings in the sauce and the veggies. It was excellent. The sauce was excellent, after dunking some wings in it got a little warm and I actually liked the taste better. It brought out more tanginess.

The Cucumber Dill we had tonight along with pita beef kabobs, cucumber slices and curry couscous. I spread a thin layer or the mix into the pita pocket before adding the beef kabobs. We also dipped our cucumber slices into it. EXCELLENT!
It had a wonderful fresh taste with a hint of dill. You could even taste the cucumber in it. Added along with the beef kabobs it was refreshing. Would be excellent with a veggie platter or chips.

Onion Chive my boyfriend made and we just ate it with baked potato chips. It was really good and had  a not too strong onion taste. Just fresh and yummy. It would also be perfect served with a veggie platter.


Onion Chive dip mix is a classic combination of fresh onions and chives. Great with chips and fresh veggies. It can also be used as a seasoning to make fantastic marinades, or mix with melted butter or cream cheese and tossed with hot pasta.
Experience the Asian flavors of sesame and garlic, blended in perfect harmony. This is a great dip for your chips and veggies, or combine with sour cream and cream cheese and make a cheese ball. Sprinkle this seasoning on chicken or meats to add flavor to your dish.


If you like a little spice then you will enjoy the slow-smoked flavor of mild chile combined with our secret seasonings to give a Southwestern zip to veggies, beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. Combine with sour cream, cream cheese, nonfat yogurt or any other plain creamy base.
Rich and tangy flavors of blue cheese, garlic and spices make this a great dip warm or cold. Stuff into celery sticks for easy appetizers, or dollop on grilled chicken breasts, tuna or salmon for the main event.


The spicy combination your taste buds have been craving! Lively jalapeño, onion, garlic and spices. Sure to be an instant hit! Perfect with crackers or tortilla chips or to add a little zip to tacos.

This Cucumber Dill dip mix is cool and refreshing with a garden-fresh flavor. One of our most popular flavors! Combine with cream cheese and sour cream. Try spreading on bread with thinly-sliced cucumbers for elegant finger sandwiches!


Pick some Gourmet Dip Mixes today.
The Holiday Season is right around the corner, dips, veggie and chips are a fast and easy food to put out when guests are around. Why not have wonderful Gourmet Dips from
The Pantry Club.
HERE to order online or find a store near you that sells them, by clicking HERE.
These would also make as great stocking stuffers or teachers, neighbor or holiday get together gifts. You could make a cute gift back with gourmet crackers and a gourmet dip mix for neighbors or friends that stop by with an un-expected gift.

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