Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Sprayology Party Girl Must Haves Review & Diet Power Giveaway 



I have been using Sprayology products for a little over a year now, maybe closer to two years and love them. 
The last two years I have hosted reviews for them and got to try some great homeopathic sprays. 
Since I have a handful of medical problems I am very careful of what I put into my body. I always look for something natural and homeopathic. So when I was introduced to Sprayology Sprays I got excited. 
After trying Bone Builder I was hooked. I have a serious calcium deficiency, have for over 6 years now. I had my thyroid removed due to cancer and when they took it out also took out the part that makes calcium in my body. So I struggle daily with medications and lots of calcium rich foods and twice daily pills to keep calcium absorbed into my body the best I can. Without it I get a very numb face and a whole list of other issues. 
After getting to try Bone Builder from Sprayology I went from taking all these daily medications to now just using Sprayology and eating calcium rich foods. I don't even take daily calcium tablets. Each time I get my blood work done my calcium levels are perfect. I thank this ALL to Sprayology. 
That is what got me hooked on the great sprays. 

Here's a little about Sprayology:
 Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is over 200 years old. It is based on the premise that certain natural substances are able to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms, allowing the body to heal itself. After symptoms of a condition have been alleviated, homeopathy works to reestablish internal order at the deepest levels. Because very small doses are used, all this can be accomplished without negative side effects.
Sprayology offers the most holistic and fast-acting homeopathic products available on the market today. We are so confident in our formulas that we guarantee all of our products. If you are not satisfied with Sprayology's effectiveness please call us at 800.377.5787, you can elect to try a different product or you can request a refund. All we ask is that you use the product as directed for at least 2 weeks.
Sprayology offers 23 Homeopathic Formulas that rejuvenate the body, relieve symptoms natural and work to restore 
balance to our bodies.

From Sprayology for review I received Party Girl Must Haves. It's comes with Women Power, Party Relief & Diet Power. Since I am not much a party girl anymore I let my friend try the middle one, she loved the results she got. I have been using the other two for about 2 weeks now, below is my results and thoughts. 

Party Girl Must Haves would make for a great stocking stuffer for that"Party Girl" you know... for $70.00 you get three bottles all full size 1.38 oz, each good for one month when used daily. 
You can Improve sex drive + mood, prevents + relieves hangovers and
supports weight loss naturally all in one gift pack. 


This bottle may not last the whole month, really depends on how often you drink and
how often you use it. 

But it does work... like I said above I gave this to my friend that likes to drink and does it often, after using it just once she said it was a life saves and would be great for holiday parties, especially week day ones when work is happening the next day. 

Just make sure you put Party Relief in your purse, For use prior to consuming alcoholic beverages, every hour during consumption and thereafter.

Relieves symptoms of alcohol-related discomfort including:

  • headache and dehydration
  • upset stomach/nausea
  • sluggish feeling
  • liver toxicity

Party Relief can be purchased on it's own for $29.00


This is my second favorite Sprayology spray. I actually bought this a while back and now have another for when mine runs out (any day now). I am on a huge weight loss challenge with myself.  I want to loose 30 lbs by the end of the year. I started 4 weeks ago and have already lost 19.5 so I think I am doing pretty darn good. 
I work out daily, eat really healthy portioned meals and use Sprayology Diet Power 3 times a day 15 minutes before meals. 

Since starting this spray I have noticed I have less cravings for sweets, more energy and less water retention. I love the results i'm seeing. 
Helps to balance metabolism and to relieve common symptoms of a reducing diet including:

  • excessive appetite
  • food cravings
  • low energy
  • water retention

 If you are trying to loose weight or want to get rid of some excess water weight before the holidays give it a try. You can purchase this alone for $29.00 or get it in the Party Girl pack. This is also the giveaway for this review. 



Woman Power:      

I think every woman could use Woman Power. Who doesn't have low physcial energy, "the blues", irritability. I know I have all those and much more.. Since starting Woman Power I have noticed I am less irritable and have more energy. Not too much energy, I was worried with using Diet Power and Woman Power I would get jitters, but I was wrong. I just have an increased amount of energy at the perfect level.

Relieves the symptoms of low female energy such as:

  • decrease in sexual desire and vitality
  • low physical energy
  • irritability
  • "the blues"

Woman Power can be purchased alone for $29.00 or comes in the Party Girl pack. 

 I should mention non of the sprays have a yucky taste. They all seem to have about the same taste, some a little different but non are gross. They are just sort of plain maybe a little sweet, non medicine tasting. It's hard to describe, but really they taste like nothing to me. I am picky about tastes too, if it's medicine tasting I won't use it. 
So if I like these, you will too!

Check out Sprayology, they have everything you need to cure any aliment you may have. 
Doing it the 
way should be the ONLY way. 


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