Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Review

Did you know that beans are the ONLY food that the USDA lists in two different nutrition categories?  Beans are BOTH a vegetable and a protein source!  That’s a lot of nutrition packed into those small little bean packages! 

Beanfields are the yummiest chips I have ever had and since they are gluten free it makes for a perfect snack for me. They have an excellent taste, texture and crunch. Come in all sorts of flavors and aren't greasy like traditional chips. 

Good taste is only the beginning. All Beanfields chips are Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan-friendly, and certified gluten-free. So just about anyone can eat these. I saved 3 bags for my sister in law who can't eat anything with corn in it. I am hoping she loves them like I do and can start adding Beanfields to her lunches and meals. 

Each chip is packed with 5 grams of Protein, 6 grams of Fiber and only 4.5 grams of Fat. 
They are Vegan, Gluten Free & Corn Free..... Even the Nacho and our Ranch chips do not contain dairy as an ingredient and are perfect for vegan diets.

I now take a reusable snack bag of these chips to work daily. I am addicted. I love the Pico de Gallo, they are sooooooo good!

Sea Salt

Made with just Black Beans, Navy Beans, Long Grain Rice, High Oleic Safflower and Sunflower Oil & Sea Salt.... That's it!

This bag of chips will solve any chip craving, just enough salt but not too much a wonderful crisp chips full of protein and fiber. 

I love this chip crumbled up and added to my salad. You can taste the bean in it but not too beany. Just EXCELLENT. 

By far Sea Salt is my second favorite Beanfields Chip.


Just like those other nacho chips out there but 100% better. 
These are excellent alone, in a taco salad or with some homemade pico de gallo or ranch type dip. 

These don't leave your hands orange like other nacho chips. Just your tummy full of yummy nacho goodness. 

This chip like ALL Beanfields doesn't contain dairy as an ingredient and are perfect for vegan diets.

If you love Nacho flavor and who doesn't you will love Beanfields Bean & Rice Nacho Chips. 

Pico De Gallo

My FAVORITE of all the Beanfields chips. 

I LOVE the taste, the crunch and just everything about this yummy bag of chips. If I could I would sit and eat the whole bag in one sitting. =) But I can't so I won't....

My boyfriend and I went hiking last week in Sedona and this is what I took in my pack. He packed candy bars and nuts and I packed Beanfields Pico de Gallo chips. 
I was so happy after making it up a large red rock hill 2 hours later to sit down with my water and Beanfields chips. With all the protein I knew it was the perfect hard earned snack for me. 

The flavor is just excellent, it's like eating a plain chip with a scoop of homemade pico de gallo. YUMMY!


I am not a huge fan of Barbecue chips, never have been.  I just don't like how they taste for some reason. But after opening the bag of Beanfields Barbecue chips that I wasn't really to thrilled to try my whole thought on Barbecue chips went away. 
These were excellent. Not too over powering barbecue taste, just a perfect amount of barbecue. 
They still aren't my favorite of the Beanfields chips but they aren't bad. 

I will save them for my boyfriend. He likes them, so this can be his own bag. 

If you are a fan of barbecue this will be for you!


Black Beans, Navy Beans, Long Grain Rice, High Oleic Safflower and Sunflower Oil....

THAT'S IT! Nothing else is added to this bag of chips. 

How can you not go wrong. 

Plus 4 grams of protein and fiber


I love these with salsa or even crushed on my salad. 
They are just a simple plain chip, excellent alone or with a dip. 
Plain but nothing plain about them. 


The newest of Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips. 

Excellent ranch taste, not too over powering but just PERFECT. Can be enjoyed alone or with a dip. 
I prefer these alone, just as they are, right out of the

Yummy ranch flavor and again  doesn't contain dairy as an ingredient and are perfect for vegan diets. Usually a ranch chip would have dairy in it, not Beanfields chips. 

If you like a yummy ranch flavored chip this is the perfect one. Excellent along side a sandwich. 

Salt & Pepper

These are going hiking with me this weekend. 
I hadn't tried them until last night. 
A small bowl became my after dinner snack. I have one of those almost every night to thank myself for going on the treadmill and eating good meals all throughout the day. 


Just the perfect hint of Sea Salt and Black Pepper. 

Like ALL Beanfields chips these were so good. 

Excellent chips to put out of your next holiday party. 
Since everyone has some sort of allergy and everyone is trying to eat healthier
why not make it easier on everyone by putting bowls of Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips out. 
Your guests will love the taste, texture and flavors of these chips. 
Make sure you leave a little place card in front of each bowl with the flavor and
BEANFIELDS ~ Gluten Free ~ Vegan ~ Corn Free~ plus 4 g of protein & fiber