Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Five Star Christmas Tree Co.

The last time I had a fresh cut Christmas Tree in my home was forever ago. I can't even remember when. 
You have no idea how excited I was when I got the chance to review
Five Star Christmas Tree Co.'s Fresh Cut Christmas Tree. 
This is going to be so exciting. My newly remodeled home with  the most beautiful Christmas Tree in it. 
Five Star Christmas Tree Co. is the LARGEST national Christmas delivery service in the country.
Headquartered in Spanish Fork, Utah, we first recognized the need for Christmas tree delivery several years ago and have been working hard to streamline the process ever since. 
We realize there are many people who just don’t have the time, means or vehicle to go pick out a tree and haul it home each year; however, these obstacles shouldn’t keep a family or business from enjoying the glow a real tree brings - thus the beginning of Five Star Christmas Tree Co.

Five Star is here to turn your holiday season from ordinary to extraordinary. Why should you have to go to the local tree lot and come home with a mediocre tree?  We want you to have a GREAT tree. 
Let us start a new tradition with your family!

I have a vehicle to go pick out my own fresh cut tree, but I tried that last year....The trees aren't fresh cut, they have been cut, packaged up with a ton of other trees then shipped to where I live (Arizona). The are no longer in my opinion fresh cut trees. Most were already dried out and the needles were very sharp. Most of the places I went to you didn't even get to see the tree you were buying, they had 1-2 open and set up then you just told them the height and they gave you a tree. No thanks! If I am spending money on something I wanted to see it first.  Even though I didn't get to see my tree first with Five Star Christmas Tree Co. I was still confident that I was getting a beautiful fresh tree. (from comments I had read) So with the convenience, excellent customer service and highest quality trees I had read about I was more then happy with ordering a tree online instead of getting it from my local store. 

Today I came home from work, to find my Five Star Christmas Tree Co. Tree waiting for me out front my house. I had bought a tree stand last week in anticipation of the tree arrival. 
Let me show you some pictures of the way the tree arrived then below I will tell you what I thought. 

I love almost everything about my Five Star Christmas Tree, minus the top and the area's that have no branches. 
Now I know this is a real tree, so it won't be 100% perfect. I can deal with the spots where there is missing branches, I just turned the biggest open spot to the back and the other to the side and added more ornaments to that area. The top of the tree just sort of ended, there is really no defined top. So my star just sits there on the flat top of the tree. 
The other issue is, it's messy. Not after I got it open and shook out, but before. So a hint after you receive your Five Star Christmas Tree, OPEN IT OUTSIDE, if you can. Shake it out really good, I even had small wood clippings ( I assume from cutting the tree down) all over my floor. Very happy I have hardwood floors and not carpet and that the needles on this tree are very soft. But it was a huge mess. 
Overall a very nice tree. Fresh, soft needles, very full and it came to my door, I just ordered online. As far as the quality, I give it a 8 out of 10. If the top had a actual tree top I would of given it a 10 out of 10. I can live with the bare spots, no tree is perfect unless it's fake, but even then it's not perfect. 
I love the smell of the tree, a very fresh pine scent that smells wonderful. 
You can see a little of the pine needle mess on the floor, this is nothing compared to what the floor looked like before I got the vacuum out. I literally filled the whole vacuum with needles. 

I took the 3 pictures to show different sides of the tree. You can't really see the bare spots, good thing, but that top is till bothering me. Maybe I will look for a different tree topper that takes up more room,
then it won't look so flat on top. 

Not only does Five Star Christmas Tree Co. sell Christmas Tree's, but they also sell Wreaths and Accessories. 
The Wreaths aren't just for Christmas, they have them for Spring, Summer, Fall & Holiday. 




There are many to choose from under each category. All are beautiful and would make wonderful gifts.. 
Plus you can have it delivered right to their front door. 
They also have lots of Accessories for your tree. 
How tall will my tree be?
We have three sizes of Fraser Firs this year. A 5-6 foot, a 6-7 foot and a 7-8 foot. They all have a very thick, full base and a nice limb for your tree topper. We can't specify whether your tree will be at the smaller size of the size range or the taller size, or somewhere in between.  Keep in mind that the height is measured from the bottom of the stump to the very top of the tree topper limb.  If you're having a hard time choosing between two sizes you may want to opt for the larger size.

How does your program work?
It couldn't be easier! We have two ordering seasons.  If you place your order before November 20th you can qualify for the Five Star hand delivery and your delivery will take place the week of November 30th.  If you place your order after November 20th then your tree will be delivered via FedEx Ground 6-10 days after order is placed.  Follow these simple steps to place your order.

To see more go to the FAQ page HERE

Overall I am very happy with my Five Star Christmas Tree Co. Tree. 
I like that I just had to place an order online and the tree came to me. 
I really like the looks of my tree, minus the top
I am still not happy with, but my star helps hide it. 
If you don't have a way to get a real tree too you or just want the convenience of ordering one online and having it delivered to your door, check out Five Star Christmas Tree Co. it's not too late to place an order.