Holiday Gift Giving Review ~ Maximum Living, MineralRich Formula

Maximum Living® high-quality supplements will help you Maximize Your Life® through optimal health and well being.

I am always very iffy to try products like this, I am scared of the taste, that's all, but after just giving them a try I am presently surprised. I don't know why I do this each and every time I get a product I am not sure about to review. 

Once again I was wrong... when it comes to Maximum Living's MineralRich Formula, it's a little different tasting, but not bad at all. I just take it with water, the first few days I added it to juice, now I am fine with just water. I take this in the morning, before I eat my breakfast. Since taking this daily I have noticed three things the most, I am less tired, my nails are growing like crazy and my skin is less day. So something I was lacking is in this product. My skin has never felt better and during the cold winter when dry skin is usually a huge issue for me, this is great. 

Just add 1/2 tsp. daily to your water, juice or smoothie.  Or you can buy the non concentrate, you take 2 tablespoons of it and follow with a cup of water, this one has a cherry taste.  Make sure you start off with eating a meal or snack after. I did notice I got a little sick feeling the first few days. I am always like that though with vitamins.
After I eat though that yuck feeling goes away. 
Right away you will feel an increasing with energy. Like I said I noticed within a few days my nails were growing and my skin became less dry too. 

MineralRich Concentrate nutritionally supports the health of bones, muscles, teeth, hair, skin and nails, and contains a boost of vitamins B12 and Biotin. The concentrate contains 70+ ionic macro and trace minerals with a 1000 mcg boost of Methylcobalamin B-12, 200 mcg of Biotin, and 250 mg of Magnesium
and it's Gluten Free

  Start the New Year recharged and re-energized with a daily dose of Maximum Living MineralRich or MineralRich Concentrate – two healthful trace mineral supplements that help sustain energy levels naturally throughout the day. An easy enhancement to your juice, water or smoothie, MineralRich and its new concentrated formulation, MineralRich Concentrate (pictured right), bring a rapidly absorbing liquid boost of more than 70 essential pH-balancing macro and trace minerals, along with 1,000 mcg of B-12 (as methylcobalamin), biotin and magnesium.
            In addition to helping procure post-holiday vitality, the MineralRich formulas also offer a broad range of nutritional support for the body’s muscles, bones, teeth, hair, skin and nails.
“For those in search of a New Year’s resolution that’s both reasonable to keep and offers an extremely beneficial return, a daily commitment to MineralRich won’t be regrettable,” said Kelly Coppel, marketing communications manager for Maximum Living. “It’s a solid investment in the health and happiness of your body.” Maximum Living’s original and beloved MineralRich is available in a 32-ounce bottle (32 servings; a one-month supply) for $35.15 MSRP. New MineralRich Concentrate, which is free of any preservatives or sweeteners, is available in a four-ounce dropper bottle (48 servings; a six-week supply) for $38.95 MSRP. Founded in 1992, Maximum Living Quality Supplements was created to meet an identified need in the market for high-quality mineral supplements. 
After observing that more of his medical practice patients suffered from magnesium and trace mineral deficiencies than calcium, Dr. Ross Gordon, (D.O, M.D.), along with Maureen Kennedy Salaman and a team of experts, formulated the company’s first product, MineralRich®. It was an immediate success and gained notable recognition in the nutritional supplement marketplace. As the company has grown, it’s added a wide selection of other health-promoting supplements, all of which are proudly made in the USA utilizing the finest raw materials and most cutting-edge manufacturing processes. 
A little about the company:Maximum Living Quality Supplements was created in 1992, to meet an identified need in the market for high-quality mineral supplements. In combination with a team of experts, Dr. Ross Gordon, (D.O, M.D.) and Maureen Kennedy Salaman formulated the company’s first product, MineralRich®. MineralRich® was an immediate success and in the nutritional supplement marketplace this name soon became synonymous with quality. As the company has grown, it has added a wide selection of other health-promoting supplements and today continues to expand its reputation and influence in the industry through the implementation of cutting-edge research and constant communication with the community it serves.

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When I started writing this review I gave myself another week to continue trying MineralRich® to see how I continued to feel and if it did anything else for me. 
As some of you know I have thyroid cancer and when my thyroid was removed so did the piece that makes calcium in my body. On a daily basis I take 4-8 calcium pills along with 3 times a day prescription medication that absorbs that calcium in my body. I do forget my in the day pills and calcium from time to time (when I get busy) and I do notice that I forgot when my lips start to get numb, if I let it go too long my face, especially around my eyes get very numb too. 
Now that I am taking MineralRich® daily, I have been able to skip 1-2 doses of calcium  day and only take the prescription pill twice a day. To most people this means nothing, to me this is huge. I have been dealing with my calcium issues for 6 years now and will continue for the rest of my life. To be able to take something out of my daily routine is great. I also feel better. I am VERY impressed with the results MineralRich® has given me. I will continue to use it well after this review is done. They made a client for life. 
My energy levels are up, my skin looks great, my nails are growing and strong, my hair looks wonderful and my calcium isn't out of wack. I couldn't be happier. 
EXCELLENT must have product for you or someone you love.