Valentines Day Men's Gift Giving Idea....... URTH SKIN SOLUTIONS FOR MEN

My boyfriends now #1 Shave Cream. 
urth SKIN SOLUTIONS FOR MEN was created with the elementary concept in mind that great looking skin should not be exclusive to women. Formulated for the specific needs of men, urth's comprehensive line of face, body and shaving preparations offers a multitude of botanical-based
solutions to satisfy man's quest for great-looking, healthy skin.
We have perfected our formulations using the best-of-class ancient Asian herbs, pure essential oils, vitamins and phyto-nutrients. At urth, our focus is on efficacy, we infuse key active ingredients in our products that are vital in helping protect a man's skin from damage caused by the environment and the stress of daily life. Our formulations are light and clean in aroma, non-greasy and leave the skin looking fresh and healthy throughout the day.
We believe in simplicity and functionality when it comes to packaging. Our product packaging was developed to reflect the products' natural botanical-based formulations, with a clean, fresh and simple
look, and no-fuss, portable, and easy to use containers.
My boyfriend loves this. He said it's wonderful on his face, makes a rich later and provides perfect protection to his face while shaving. He can apply the SHAVE FORMULA with his brush or just his hands. It smells wonderful and creates a slick and protective barrier for an ultra-smooth shave. 
Before he always got razor bumps and irritation.  
Since he stared using urth SHAVE FORMULA his razor bumps are a thing of the past. 
It was a big ordeal before. He always wanted to shave before we went out to dinner or somewhere nice, yet his face would be so red and blotchy. We would then have to wait till the redness went away, he never would leave the house with those blotches. This would make me mad, I would be all ready to go and we would be playing the waiting game. Thanks to urth we no longer have this issue. Thank you!
A small amount goes a long ways no no matter if you purchase the 2 or 6 oz container it will last a decent amount of time, I guess it really depends on how often you shave. 
The 2oz. size would make a great gift for the man that travels allot. 
Ginseng & Tea Tree
Enriched Shave Formula

Key Ingredients:
Soy, Safflower Oil, Lavender Oil, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil, Spearmint Oil, Bergamot Oil, Chamomile Extract, Ginseng Extract, White Tea Extract, Green Tea Extract.




Scoop out a small amount and apply to your beard (very moist –well prepared and softened with warm water or soaked with hot towel) with fingers or a shave brush. A little goes a long ways on a wet moist beard. Massage cream into your beard to create a nice lather. Leave on beard for a minute then massage again with moist fingers or shave brush to reinvigorate lather and begin shaving. Always shave with a clean blade & rinse blade frequently with warm water. Follow with Face Balm SPF 15 to hydrate, detoxify, and protect.

PERFECT Valentines Day Gift for the man in your life. 
Make a cute basket of shaving/bathroom goodies and include urth SHAVE FORMULA. 

Winner of Men's Health Grooming Award 2014
Winner of Men's Health Grooming Award 2007
Winner of Grooming Lounge's Handsome Awards 2014
Winner of Instinct Magazine Grooming Award

Nominee - Details Magazine's 2012 Grooming Awards

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