Pacific Pickle Works Review

Since 2001, Bradley Bennett has been making his spicy blend of pickles for friends and family from his kitchen in Santa Barbara, California. Now he has created Pacific Pickle Works so that you can enjoy them too! Pacific Pickle Works is a Santa Barbara company and makes the finest quality pickled goods from regional produce - all natural and hand packed.
Pacific Pickle Works makes thee most delicious pickled products. I love the creative names they have give each different type of pickled veggie. They all have fun names like Carriots of Fire and Cauli-Flower Power. My favorite to eat straight from the jar are the Brussizzle Sprouts. I am a huge fan of brussel sprouts but I have never tried the pickled until I tried these. I actually have to force myself to stop eating them because I could eat an entire jar. I am dying to try a jar of their Unbeetables they sound amazing.

A very cool feature on this companies website is that you can click on one of their products and they give you recipe ideas for that specific product. Like Unbeetables has this recipe that I would love to try once I get their beets.

Unbeetable Crostini Appetizer


  • Premade small crostinis or just use small pita or bagel chips chips
  • 1 jar Unbeetables
  • Creamy goat cheese
  • Fresh whole leaf basil (can be made with arugula too)
  • Pine nuts (optional)

DirectionsSpread out your crostini's or bagel chips or pita chips on a platter. Spread a dollop of goat cheese on each one. If you are using pine nuts, sprinkle a few around on each one to stick in the goat cheese. Lay one leaf of basil (or arugula) in the goat cheese and then lay a thin slice of Unbeetable on top (you may want to cut the beet pieces to be thinner or smaller). 

I received a fantastic variety of products from Pacific Pickle Works. I got almost everything needed to make a killer Bloody Mary. Including their Bloody Mary Elixir, this is the secret sauce to make your own perfectly seasoned Bloody Mary's at home. They don't waste your money selling you a bunch of tomato juice you can get at the store. This is just all of the spicy goodness you need to mix with your own tomato juice to make up to a 1/2 gallon of Bloody Mary mix. Just like their pickles, they make this from scratch with all natural ingredients. They even make their own Worcestershire sauce! 
They sent their Carriots of Fire. These pickled carrots will light your torch! They add the perfect zing to kick up a Vietnamese Banh-Mi sandwich and make a fantastic garnish in your Bloody Mary.

Jalabeanos......these spicy pickled green beans are the winner of the 2015 Good Food Award! Drop in a couple of these peppery beans as the perfect garnish to a spicy Bloody Mary and add a splash of spicy Jalabeaño brine for an extra kick!

The Bloody Marys were amaaaaazing and had just the right amount of flavor. The Bloody Mary elixir had the perfect amount of herbs and spices. Each sip that touched my lips and flowed over my tongue had a wonderful amount of chunk hearty goodness, giving my Bloody Mary a superb texture. The Pacific Pickle Works garnish pretty much made my drink a meal. I love being able to take a bite of garnish between each sip of my Bloody Mary.
I also received the Brussizzle Sprouts that I mentioned earlier. One taste of these semi-sweet and tangy pickled brussels sprouts and you won't be able to put the jar down! Dress up a platter of hors d'oeuvres or just open the jar and pop 'em in yo mouth. They also sent their Bread & Buddahs. These semi-sweet, tangy pickle chips are simply seasoned with onion, peppercorns and mustard seed and will add just the perfect zest and crunch to any sandwich. Try putting them on a saucy pulled pork sandwich for a perfectly zen Buddha-licious experience. Or eat them straight from the jar like I did with a tiny smear of cream cheese on top. 
Pacific Pickle Works has an amazing variety of pickled products that you can order directly from their website as well as kits, clothing and clubs. So buy a jar of Stokra, snag a cozy zip up hoodie made by American Apparel, sport a killer cap or beenie and grab a kit for yourself or a good friend. Pacific Pickle Works sells Bloody Mary Kits and awesome gift boxes. 
Each crate comes with 5 selections of your choosing as follows:
~1 24oz jar of pickles (Cukarambas or Bread & Buddhas)
~2 tall jars (choose any 2 of Jalabeaños, Asparagusto, or Bloody Mary Elixir)
~2 short jars (choose any 2 of Unbeetables, Carriots of Fire, Stokra, Brussizzle Sprouts, Fenn Shui, or Cauli-Flower Power)
Just specify in your notes at checkout your jar choices. Otherwise the default will be sent - Bread & Buddhas, Jalabeaños, Bloody Mary Elixir, Unbeetables, Carriots of Fire.
If you live in Southern California, San Francisco or in the North Bay then you can purchase these at select stores. Here is a link to find a location near you:  

If you don't live in these areas then you can buy Pacific Pickle Works directly from their site.

Check out Pacific Pickle Works on facebook and twitter