Flaviar ~ A Club for Explorers at Heart Review

Do you like to enjoy different spirits but don't want to spend a ton of money trying them all. 
Why not get small bottles to try and see what you might like. 
Flaviar makes it easy for you....

Flaviar offers two different things, one and what I tried was the tasting boxes you pay for monthly. The other is a membership to an exclusive club. 
Below is the tasting box I received. 

I received Art is the New Black Tasting Box from Flaviar. It contained some wonderful spirits that I had never before tried (minus one)
I was very impressed with the packaging, bottle size and quality of the tastings. 
Only fall back was the delivery speed. It took about 3 weeks to get to me. Since this company is located in Slovenia, I do know that is to be expected. If you are getting this for someone as a gift, order ahead of time. 

You are what you drink, diversity and quality matter and all that should most certainly be enjoyed with style and in good company.

There is a tasting box for everyone, no matter if you like Gin, Scotch, Rum or something else Flaviar has a box for you
It’s blind tasting!

We believe that tasting is a social game, one with which you can expand your knowledge and challenge yourself and your friends to see whose palate or imagination is the most impressive. In that spirit, we are sourcing and assembling boxes to present you with Spirits from all around the World.

The tasting box was really good. My boyfriend drank most of it, I only really tried a small taste of each. 
I do really think this is a great idea for anyone that wants to try spirits from all around the world. 


THE MEMBERSHIP We charge a small fee of $60 / quarter to maintain our service. That's $20 / month to embark on a journey through the World of fine Spirits and enjoy all the benefits of a club unlike any other.
Check out both the tastings HERE and the club HERE