Fuelshaker Pro Review

Fuelshaker is a new revolutionary shaker with an all new hassle-free mixing system, where supplement is stored and released without the need of a detachable container.
Fuelshaker Pro provides a slick, modern design that will follow you around to the gym for a long, long time. It was designed to last and always provide the best quality drink. It contains up to 600 ml of liquid and 50 grams of powder. Built in high quality Tritan (BPA-less) plastic, it is hermetic, resistant, machine washable and easy to use.
The agitator is released as soon as you push the button on the bottom of the bottle, ensuring the perfect mix, even with the toughest powders.

With the Fuelshaker Pro there is no need to bring snack bags or tupperware with scoops of powders in it. There is no need to fumble and fuss trying to pour your powder from another container into the water bottle. All you need to do is fill your fueler pro (the bottom section) with your scoop of protein and then use the agitator ball as a cap. The agitator fits tight into the top of the fueler and keeps your powders dry until you are ready to mix.
On the bottom of the fuelshaker pro there is a kind of push button in the center. It's sooooo simple!! When you are ready to release your powder you press the bottom in the middle and it releases your agitator and mixes the powder into the water. Just shake, shake, shake and your protein shake, pre workout, creatine or whatever supps you love are freshly mixed and ready to consume.
The fuelshaker fuelers fit one scoop of protein powder perfectly and there's plenty or room for pre workout scoops.

I LOVE MY FUELSHAKER PRO and you can buy them directly from the site for only $26.99 and comes in blue and black. http://www.fuelshaker.com/fuelshaker-pro.html/

The extra fuelers are $7.49 which is sooooo worth it. http://www.fuelshaker.com/fuelshaker-pro.html/

It's much more affordable than buying tons of poor quality bottles. It also saves space in your kitchen. So ditch those 10-20 other generic stinky shakers and get yourself a hassle free Fuelshaker Pro.  

The Fuelshaker Pro is by far the coolest shaker bottle I have ever used. I have had so many shaker bottles in the past but I am now stuck on this Fuelshaker pro.

What sets this apart from all the other bottles is that you can store your powders inside of it as well as store your water separately and then mix it together without any unscrewing. 

Once the fueler is filled, screw on the clear cylinder and fill with water. Then attach the top for a leak proof tight fit. 

The lid even has a screw tight cap that ensures your drink won't open or spill. It is super cool because there is a loop on the lid so you can hang the shaker from your bag or carry it by the loop and it will not bust apart like other brands. There's no need to worry it will fall because it is screwed on.

If you are like me and use mulitple supps and powders then you will want to buy extra fuelers for your fuelshaker pro. With more than one fueler you can pre-measure each powder and carry your multiple fuelers in your bag, car or keep them on the counter ready for action. 
When you want it cleaned you just stick it in the dishwasher because it is totally dishwasher safe. We all know how stinky your shakers can get so popping it in the washer is a life saver.

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Find them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fuelshaker/