LavHa Essential Oil Aromatherapy Jewelry

I love essential oils. I use them daily, in my morning body wash, at night when I go to bed in my nightstand diffuser and now every day, all day. 
LavHa has some beautiful & useful jewelry that you add essential oil too. 
I received this beautiful bracelet it's called "Elements", it's full of beautiful stones and lava rocks. 

Apatite: Personal Power & Goals, Manifestation, Compassion & Service, Truth & Communication
Ocean Jasper: Brings Joy, Understanding and Higher Self Esteem.
Brecciated Jasper: Enhances Wholeness and Balance, Aids in Communication.
Lava: Protection, Grounding, Balancing, Strengthening.

The stones are 8mm in size and scattered in the bracelet is some gold spacers along with a
square gold bead with the LavHa logo on it. 

The whole thing is on a stretchy cord so it's easy to get on and off. 
You can purchase this in 
Small ~ 6.75"
Medium ~ 7"
Large ~ 7.5"

It also comes with the cutest little vial of either Wild Orange or Lemongrass Essential Oil.

This bracelet is beautiful and smells wonderful when you add drops of essential oil. 
The smell lasts all day.

Essential oils can have a healing effect
mentally, physically, and emotionally

These are the adorable vials of Essential Oils you receive with your purchase. You get one with each item you purchase. Or you can purchase additional vials for $1.50 or larger vials from $12.50 - $17.00
essential Oil Choices are: 
Bergamot- "The Oil of Self-Acceptance"Cedarwood- "The Oil of Community", Clary Sage- "The Oil of Clarity & Vision", Lavender- "The Oil of Communication"Lemongrass - "The Oil of Cleansing", Lemon- "The Oil of Focus", Lime- "The Oil of Zest For Life", Tangerine- "The Oil of Cheer & Creativity" or Wild Orange - "The Oil of Abundance", 
I also received the above beautiful essential oils bracelet called "Yin Yang" 
The stones are: 
Howlite: Patience, Ambitions, Dreams
Tibetan Agate: Inner Strength, Spiritual Growth, Balance
Lava: Balance, Grounding and Strengthening

The stones on this bracelet will bring about a calming sense of well-being and comfort.
Stone sizes: 8mm Howlite, 10 mm Agate, 6mm lava

I love this bracelet. I love them both and usually wear them at the same time. 
My favorite part is the fact that you can put essential oils on them. 
Beautiful Bracelets, Beautiful Idea. 

LavHa Story:

Jessica moved into Nancy's neighborhood in Laguna Niguel, CA in the fall of 2013 and they became instant friends and soul sisters. Nancy was making stone bracelets for a local yoga shop as a hobby and Jessica used essential oils in her daily life. They wanted to do a crafts fair together for fun and offer an oil kit and bracelet. Through conversation, they thought about how neat it would be to combine the two, having seen the terra cotta diffusing necklaces, but wanting it in bracelet form. They tried to find clay beads that would be able to be used into bracelets with no luck. Through much experimenting they found that lava stone absorb and diffuse the oils beautifully. And thus, the first lava stone jewelry was created as an essential oil diffuser. They gave them away as gifts and realized that many people wanted to buy them for friends. The first website was created in August of 2013 and here we are!! We have since seen many people start to use lava in their own creations and being added into jewelry to be diffused and are pleased to see them being used as a healing stone and diffuser in one. 

LavHa has something for everyone. 
Women, Men & Kids

LavHa Essential Oil Aromatherapy Jewelry