THINX Period Panties Review

I got to try a pair of Thinx Period-Proof Hip Hugger Underwear and let me tell you these are WONDERFUL. 
I kept seeing the advertised all over the internet and thought no way would I trust a pair of underwaer to my period. 
But I guess I was wrong after trying Thinx underwear. 
They do exactly as they state. 


Their award-winning, patented technology keeps you clean, dry, and, as always, lookin’ fly.

Keeps you feeling dry, even when 
you've had a spill.


Kicks bacteria's butt
all day long.

Holds up to two 
tampons' worth of liquid.

Even your whitest white 
pants are safe.
Each Pair a Panties is made for different Days of your period. 
Heavy Days   

holds up to 2
tampons worth

Our bestselling pair offers full coverage and protection that extends all the way through the back of the garment, keeping you comfortable and dry in any situation. 

Hiphuggers are made from 95% cotton, they are super soft and VERY comfortable. 

Hiphugger Thinx panties come in black or beige from XL to 3XL, they run true to size. 
Hi-Waist $38.00
Medium Days holds up to 1½ 
tampon’s worth

The phrase "treat yo'self" reaches new belly-button brushing heights with the Hi-Waist, and it's here just in time for cuffing season. With this much protection and lace, there's never been a better time to Netflix and chill on your period.

I thought the side lace on these was adorable. Prefect with a pair of slacks or a tight skirt. 

  Hi-Waist panties are made from 95% cotton and come in black only from XS to 3XL
Medium Days holds up to 1½ 
tampon’s worth

Thanks to the Sport's classic THINX protection, high, wide, comfort-fit leg holes (adios, chafing), and a soft, breathable cotton interior, you can period better, perform better, and play better. Or... just lay around without lace better. 

Sport Thinx panties come in black or beige from sizes XXS to 3XL. 

Interior Innermost 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Middle breathable PUL, 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Outer 89% Nylon, 11% Elastane; Trim 100% Polyester

Light Daysholds up to 1
tampon’s worth

I think the boyshorts style will be my first purchase. They will work perfect on period days under my work out pants. 

Ever wear boxer briefs to get comfy on your period? We can do you one better: the Boyshort has THINX protection without sacrificing le classique elastic waistband and crotchline details. 

Boyshorts come in black or beige from XXS to 3XL

Cheeky $29.00
Light Days 
holds up to 1
tampon’s worth
Perfect for your light days, the Cheeky is classy, cute, and… well… cheeky! All while erasing period anxiety and visible panty lines.

Cheeky comes in black and beige from size XS to 3XL

Super cute pair of protection panties. 

Lightest Daysholds up to ½ 
tampon’s worth

Our Thong is the sexy little piece of stretch lace that you're used to, but with a lil' baby amount of protection. "But like, who wears thongs on their period?" YOU can, friend. You can. 

Thong comes in beige and black from XS to 3XL
I know THINX might sound gross to you. But know this.... THINX has a top layer that wicks away ALL liquid into a thin layer right beneath it. You will always feel dry. They aren't thick or diaper like, that was my fear when I opened my hiphuggers. But I was happy to see I was wrong. They are just like every other pair of panties you wear, period or not. Just with extra protection so you can go about your day feeling confident and happy.
THINX definitely eliminates the need for panty liners, and will make a great back up to your tampon or menstrual cup. Some do choose to wear THINX on its own, but no one knows your flow better than you, so you’ll be the best judge of what works!

Give THINX a try, you can't loose with the 60 day money back guarantee. but trust me you won't be returning anything.